Getting Guests to RSVP on Time

Wedding invitation stamps for RSVP, You're Invited, and Save the Date

Planning a wedding with all the intricate details and exciting events leading up to the special day can be draining. Couples find themselves in a predicament where they are unsure of exactly how much food the catering service will need to serve. Even up to two months before the wedding, it is common that a third of your invitees will not have responded to the RSVP yet. When all is said and done, it can be expensive if you have to make last-minute changes to your catering order or add extra party favors. It’s a good idea to brainstorm ahead of time on the ways you can get your guests to RSVP on time so that your day is set in stone early on, and following these simple tricks can help your RSVP response rate.

Invitation By Mail

One of the first things you must do determine which guests you’d like to have at your wedding. You have to make sure you send out the invitations on time. Wedding invitations should be send out at least eight weeks before the wedding. This time span gives the guests the opportunity to RSVP by the mandatory time frame of four weeks before the wedding. On the invitation, it must clearly state that RSVPs must be made four weeks prior to the wedding, allowing both parties plenty of planning time.

A wedding invitation and RSVP to send to guests

If you allow guests to have too much time to decide on whether they will be attending, it is possible that they will forget to RSVP. In other cases, some people may not be familiar with the concept of RSVPing. Look for different ways to remind them on the the invitations so that it is clear that they need to let you know when they plan on attending.

Plus One or Plus Two?

Before sending out your invitations, carefully consider the people you’re inviting. Some of your guests may be single but dating, waiting for a chance to take a significant other to a wedding. If the invitation is closed to plus one guests, then your guest is less likely to attend. Having a plus one on the invitation is much more appealing because people don’t usually like to attend weddings alone. They want to have companionship, whether it’s a significant other or a friend.

Remember, having a plus one doesn’t mean your guests can just bring as many people as they want. The invitation is extended for one more person other than the invited guest, so you won’t need to worry about going over capacity. However, this can make the planning and catering deadlines tenuous because of the uncertainty of how many total guests will be in attendance. (Hence, the importance of the early RSVP!)

Alternate Methods to RSVP Cards

Traditionally, printed wedding invitations are mailed to the invited guests and the return RSVPs are mailed back. This process can take up to four weeks for everything to be sent and returned. Since we are living in a time of innovative online wedding apps, expanding your methods for RSVPing should be easy. There are a few alternative ways your guests can RSVP, and one great, simple option is though email. Instead of mailing out the invitation, you can send out emails to confirm the availability of seats at your wedding and get a good head count on how many people will be able to attend. In some cases, guests might lose a physical invitation and have no way of responding back to you. This eliminates that possibility.

A wedding RSVP ready to be filled out

Another alternative way to get RSVPs is through text messages or phone calls. There are different apps and tools available that can help send reminders to guests and let them know the time remaining before they need to RSVP. These notifications can increase the amount of people that RSVP before the deadline because they will be reminded daily.

Creating a free website is also another good idea. This method can actually be amusing to guests, people spend much of their time on cell phones or computers, both for fun and for work. Creating a website where guests can RSVP is a good idea for the more technical or computer savvy guests.

If for some reason, your guests fail to RSVP by the deadline, then you can count on one less person for your catering order! As the bride to be, you should not have to stress and worry about such implications weeks before the wedding. Having a friend or loved one in charge of this specific task can be of great help to you.

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