Invitation Inserts: What Are They and Should You Have One?

wedding invitations with inserts

Sending out an invitation for your wedding is pretty obvious, but you might be wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to wedding invitation inserts. I mean, before I started thinking about weddings, I had never even considered them! But the goal of your wedding invitation should be to inform the people you want to attend your wedding of everything they need to know about the day. That is why there are a variety of inserts to enclose in your invitation.

Although it may seem like a lot of inserts once you start looking into it, it’s important to know that your guests will be thankful that you have provided them with everything they might need to know.

Here is a list of the different wedding invitation inserts that you may need to include.

Inner Envelope

The inner envelope is separate from the mailing envelope. It’s a little bit smaller than the outer envelope and allows you to specify who exactly is invited to the wedding. While the outer envelope is where you write the address of the home you want your invitation mailed to, the inner envelope is where you are able to write who is actually invited. This is especially helpful if your guests live with other people, like roommates.

Reception Card

Depending on whether your reception is going to take place at a different location from your ceremony, you might want to include a reception card. Consider it like a formal invitation to the reception. Inserting a reception card in your wedding invitation gives your guests important information, such as the location and time of your reception. If you decide to include one, it should be about half the size of the invitation and match the style and quality, too.

Response Card (and Envelope)

wedding RSVP

This is also known as a reply card or RSVP. This is obviously super important because you will need to know how many people are planning on attending your wedding in order to properly accommodate them and plan the seating arrangements. Your response card will also usually have a spot for guests to select their entrees, which will help with planning the menu. Of course, make sure to include an envelope with your address already printed on it to help your guests return your response cards much easier.

Map Card

Including a map card isn’t always necessary, especially now that so many people can just use a GPS, but it’s a nice tradition and helpful for those who still rely on maps. A map card can be a hand-drawn or printed map of the location of your ceremony and reception, with directions coming from main roads and highways to help your guests easily find their way there.

Accommodation Card

If you have a large number of guests travelling from out of town to attend your wedding, you might want to include an accommodation card. An accommodation card lists a few suggested hotels along with some basic information about them, to make it easier for any travelling guests to reserve rooms well in advance.

Extra Events Card

Some people plan on having a few extra events on the same weekend as their wedding, whether it’s a large get-together the day before, or a quiet brunch with a select few afterwards. If this is something you’re planning on doing, make sure you send an extra events card to those people with their wedding invitation.

Itinerary Card

wedding itinerary

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Similar to the extra events card, you might have an entire weekend planned or even a destination wedding. When this is the case, an itinerary card might be needed. This card will list all of the events and related information in one convenient place for your guests.

Menu Card

If you didn’t include the menu options on your response card, you can create a separate menu card to insert into your wedding invitation. Or, if you just want to let your guests know what will be served in advanced, this is a good idea, too.

Website Card

In today’s digital age, a lot of people decide to put all of this useful information on a personalized wedding website, as well. If you have had a website created for your wedding, include a special card with the website address on it and let your guests know why they should check it out!

Guest Information Card

Finally, if you have any additional information, you can create a guest information card. This is the place to list anything extra that your guests will need to be aware of such as the dress code, transportation, weather plans, etc. Anything that doesn’t fit well on the other cards can easily be listed here.

Do not include your registry card as a wedding invitation insert. It may seem like the natural place for it to go, but it’s a big invitation no-no. The best way to share your wedding gift registry would be to include it on your wedding website if you have one or to give it out to people who ask for it.

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