Minted Free Wedding Website’s Review

A wedding website from Minted.

In today’s world, wedding websites are more important now than ever. These tools allow couples to consolidate all the important information about their event in one convenient spot, facilitating easy communication with guests. And while couples certainly have their share of options as to what platform they should use in creating their site, popular wedding stationery retailer Minted offers premium wedding websites with a range of attractions and benefits. Learn more about their wedding websites below, and soon you’ll be inspired to create your own Minted wedding website.

The Importance of a Wedding Website

Someone working on their wedding website from Minted.

Before we get into the specifics of why you should go with Minted for your wedding website, you may be wondering why you even need a wedding website at all. There are plenty of compelling reasons to spend your time and energy on this aspect of your wedding, as detailed below.

Streamlined Communication

As mentioned above, these sites are the perfect way to easily communicate with your guests. Given the fact that many couples have had to alter their weddings time and time again due to the ever-changing scope of COVID-19, wedding websites have played a vital role in communicating these changes to guests. They allow for one, easy to access spot to post these updates, allowing guests to reference the site whenever they need to.


Wedding websites are also a great way to save some money when you’re planning your wedding. You can easily add a wealth of important information about your event to the site, negating the need for additional information cards with your invitation suite, which can get pretty pricey. There are also options on wedding websites to collect RSVPs virtually rather than via mail, which can also help you save some green on invites.

Share Your Story

A wedding website is also a fabulous place to share your love story! Feature photos of you and your future spouse, write about how you met, and include photos and bios on each of the individuals in your wedding party. This is a fun way to get your guests excited for your big day—and to get yourself even more excited, too!

Why Build Your Website with Minted?

A wedding website and matching stationery from Minted.

Minted offers so many compelling reasons to choose them for your wedding website.

No Cost Option

The first, and one of the most compelling reasons, to go with the Minted platform for your wedding website is that it’s a completely free option. This allows you to save money on this aspect of your wedding to put towards something else without having to sacrifice when it comes to creating a beautiful and useful site.

Cohesive Styling

Another great thing about wedding sites hosted by Minted is that they offer an easy way to facilitate cohesive styling. This means that your save-the-date, wedding invitation suite, and site can all coordinate in design and style. Building your site on Minted features end to end, seamless wedding style, across digital and physical products and across all stages of the wedding. In fact, every site design that Minted offers has a coordinating paper suite.

Support Independent Artists

It’s never been more important to support independent business people and artists. Minted allows you to do just that. Their products and wedding website platform features the work of independent artists that have contributed unique and beautiful designs to really bring your wedding vision to life.

Abundance of Features

There’s no denying that Minted’s wedding website platform provides a seemingly endless array of features. Plus, you’ll never be going it alone thanks to the site’s concierge design service that helps you customize your website design. The platform is also easy to use, featuring a simple dashboard that guides you through each step of building your site. The platform will also allow you to add individual events, complete with coordinating guest lists and RSVP options and tracking. Minted has truly simplified the wedding website creation process with an easy method of uploading photos and editing site contents with a side-by-side live preview as your wedding story comes to life. Finally, add custom pages to your site to tailor it specifically to your wants and needs; since every wedding is different, every wedding website will follow suit.

In a sea of options, Minted’s wedding website offerings surely stand out among the crowd. As a leader in the stationery industry, their wedding site platform is yet another reason to enlist in their services as you prepare to walk down the aisle.

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