Non-Traditional Add-Ons for a Unique Invitation

A wedding invite that features a bow and embossed paper

Pulling a beautiful wedding invitation out of a smooth envelope is a joy for the wedding guest and for the person who designed the invitation. As you consider how to make an invitation that reflects your personality and the hopes for your wedding, think about some of the ways in which you can make this invitation different and special for you and your guests.

Along the way, you can use these additions to create a practical and helpful set of information for your guests that will help them feel confident about sending a rapid RSVP of “yes.”

Multiple RSVP Options

One of the biggest changes to sending wedding invites in recent years is the ability to send an RSVP online. Certainly, one of the easiest items to include for your guests is a small card with an RSVP option on it and a return envelope, pre-addressed and pre-stamped. However, if your guests don’t want to bother with a paper RSVP, you can include a link to your wedding website or another site that you are using for collecting RSVPs.

You can make the RSVP a separate card or mention it on the same note that contains the RSVP information. If someone keeps looking at the RSVP card and thinking they really ought to send it, they can choose to easily visit the wedding website and respond immediately. At the same time, non-tech-savvy guests will appreciate the simplicity of dropping something in the mail without having to scrounge for your address or a stamp.

DIY wedding invite using calligraphy and other design ideas

A Note On Lodging Details

Use your creativity to make a small note for the invitation that gives information about where to stay and a map for guests. This should be separate from the proper invite card. One of the biggest expenses after transportation for wedding guests is finding a place to stay, so if you’ve scouted affordable options for them, let your guests know.

Perhaps there is a limited amount of free space to stay with friends and family, or your wedding venue comes with a number of rooms already paid for. Use these invitations to offer free lodging to the exact people who you really want to attend, but perhaps cannot afford it. For instance, you can choose to get a house rental for the group of bridesmaids to defray their costs, and one house rental is far cheaper than multiple hotel rooms. Renting a house can keep your bridesmaids together for the entire wedding experience.

Fold-out or Pop-up Invitations

Want your invite to stand out even more? Find a dynamic element to add. These days, papercraft can be designed to have a fold-out option, a pop-up option, or anything else you desire. Look on Pinterest to see some of the most lavish versions of these invitations. Think about how you can either order invitations or DIY the invitation that would best fit the style of your wedding.

Bundle Together Invites to the More Exclusive Events

Much like the note about lodging, it is possible to use the invitation “bundle” to make a more personalized invitation for those who are part of the wedding party or close family for exclusive event invitations. If you plan to have a girls’ lunch, a rehearsal dinner, or a post-wedding brunch to celebrate, you can use a small card added to all the right invitations to invite the right guests to the experience. The nice part is that, if not everyone is attending all of those events, it is fairly easy to fill in their places by asking around among other confirmed guests of the wedding. Most of your cousins and college buddies would love an extra chance to interact with you and get some delicious food out of the deal.

Paper Punch Accents, Confetti, and Foil

Receiving an invite with confetti inside makes you feel like you’ve won something or received a gift, and little bit of colored paper can quickly make a wedding invitation feel festive. An inexpensive paper punch from a craft store can be a great way to turn simple invitations into a fancier option by punching the corners with an intricate design. Just put the stack of invitations and a paper punch on the coffee table while you watch TV, but make sure you have a box for the paper bits that come out of the punch. Lastly, adding a thin sheet of foil or using foil-covered invitations can really make your invitations look luxurious. It will help to catch your guests’ eyes and remind them that they still need to RSVP.

Tied Up with Twine

If you end up choosing multiple smaller pieces to include in the invite, find some thin twine or ribbon that you can use to package it all up. Make sure nothing slips out before you can fill the envelopes and then get them to the post office. There are plenty of options that will lie flat inside the envelope, so use those instead of bulkier or more rigid twine that will make your envelopes look lumpy and overly full.

Fancy wedding invitation with a ribbon and a wax seal

Eco-Touches Like Reversible Envelopes and Plantable Paper

If less is more for you, you can now print or order reversible envelopes, which allow your guests to flip the envelope over and send it back to you. An RSVP postcard can be another way to save a little on paper expenses along the way. Another fun option is plantable paper, which is made with natural fibers and flower seeds. Your guests can get the details of the wedding and then start a little flower patch in a pot or garden with the invitation.

Regardless of the level of simplicity or extravagance you use in your wedding invitations, one or two of these touches will add flair and personality to your invites and make the experience of receiving them more fun.

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