Stay on Budget with Free Designs and Affordable Favors from Wedding Chicks

Bride and bridesmaids posing outside

Every couple knows the hardest place to start planning a wedding is with the budget. There are a lot of things that go into creating the perfect day that you and your partner have been dreaming of, and it can be frustrating to make concessions to avoid breaking the bank. Luckily, there are cost-effective ways to create the picture-perfect day. That’s why we’ve been having fun creating custom designs for wedding paper goods for free using Wedding Chicks, and you can too. In addition to their free options, they also have a stellar shop filled with affordable, and most importantly, fun and trendy designs for everything from wedding favors to bridal party swag.

Floral wedding invite

Free Printables

Sometimes free means basic designs that don’t feel as magical as your wedding should be. That’s not the case on Wedding Chicks’ printables page. These designs are gorgeous. (To be honest, we definitely spent way too much time browsing through them and picking out our theoretical wedding themes.) They have everything from delicate floral designs to bold art deco patterns and quirky sketches.

If you’re looking for a professional-looking invitation, simply pick the one you like and fill out the form with all your wedding details. It updates the design in real time, so you can perfect the exact look you want. Many of the designs also let you customize the colors as well, so feel free to get creative!

Pretty much all your important paper goods can be designed here. There are invitations, of course, but also save- the- dates, labels, signs, monograms, and will-you-be-mys maids of honor, groomsmen, etc. After you customize the design, simply save the file and you’re done!

Sweatshirt with a trex design on the front

One Stop Bridal Shop

Get in the wedding mood with apparel, totes, and accessories for your bridal party or yourself on the Wedding Chicks store. We couldn’t believe some of the things we saw on here (in a good way). There are things like a hilarious design of a t-rex brides and some pretty punny phrases.

Keeping your budget in mind, getting swag for your whole group can add up, but everything in the shop is priced competitively. This is seriously welcome when we all know some stores like to hike up prices a little bit for stressed out brides… but here you can get totes for $10 each (or if you want to buy them as wedding favors, the price comes down to $5 if you buy 20 or more).

These cute designs are even lent to functional favors like kitchen towels and canvas bags to hold candies, etc. Just like the printables, these are fully customizable and come in lots of designs, so it can truly match your wedding’s vibe.

And right now, you can get 25% off your whole order by using the code WEDDINGBEE. So, it definitely doesn’t hurt to start browsing.

Overall, we were impressed by the quality and offerings of both the Wedding Chick printables and online store. Everything was easy to navigate and customize and was budget-friendly. Designs were fresh, modern, fun, and, did we mention, gorgeous? We’re not planning a wedding right now, but these invites were enough to inspire all of our whole dream wedding looks. Whether you want to DIY your big day or are just looking for ways to save, this website definitely deserves a look.

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