Who to Invite to Your Destination Wedding

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What could be better than having your special day in a beautiful location that is as important to you as your wedding? Destination weddings are a fantastic way to incorporate a breathtaking and memorable location into one of the most exciting days of your life. There are a variety of places to have your wedding, depending on you and your future spouse’s personal preferences. Prices will, of course, differ greatly based on where you ultimately choose to venture and how far away it is from where you live. If having your wedding at a dreamy destination is what you want, you need to make sure to plan the event accordingly.

Deciding who you invite to your destination wedding can be a real challenge. There are several crucial factors that will influence whether or not your invited guests will be able to attend. While it is your special day, it is important that you make decisions that won’t alienate any of your loved ones. Destination weddings often mean smaller guest lists, however, so make sure you do your best to invite the right people. Consider the following questions about your destination wedding while making your final guest list.

How Much Time Will Guests Have to Save Money Before Your Wedding?

Time is of the essence when inviting guests to a destination wedding. The longer you give your guests before the event, the more likely it is that they will be able to afford the trip.

What Will Travel Cost Relative to Their Location?

With the modern world allowing us contact with people all around the globe, it is entirely possible that you are choosing to invite someone who is in an entirely different state, or even country, than you are. While each guest will have to decide for themselves if the travel is feasible, it is important to keep their potential expenses in mind.

How Long Do You Expect Guests to Stay?

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Destination weddings are typically not the one-day events that standard weddings tend to be. Your guests are traveling, potentially long distances, and will want to have the trip be worth their time. It is very likely that your wedding venue will have plenty of activities for everyone to partake in during their stay. Make sure to let your guests know if there are any activities planned so they can make the decision to attend for the whole trip, just a portion, or not at all. Your guests may also have to make arrangements, like getting time off from work approved, setting up child or pet sitting services, or taking care of other assorted responsibilities.

Are There Affordable Accommodation Options?

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Not all destination weddings are held at resorts. Make sure to let your guests know if there are multiple options for lodging nearby. Having multiple options in a few different price ranges will increase the odds that your invited guests will be able to attend.

Are You Expecting Wedding Gifts in Addition to Attendance?

It is also important to be honest with yourself, and your guests, about whether or not you expect gifts in addition to their presence at your destination wedding. Not only will guests have to save money to secure you an appropriate wedding gift, but they may need to think about how to bring this gift along with them. Ideally you should avoid having guests bring gifts to the destination wedding unless you’re able to transport them all safely back home afterwards.

Does Your Venue Have Attendee Limits or Bundle Packages?

Your choice of venue may affect who you can invite as well. Like any other wedding venue, you may be paying different prices depending on how many guests will be in attendance. Make sure that you speak with a representative at the wedding venue to discuss any limitations that will be in place. They may even offer discounts or free services if your guests are booking rooms all together.

Will Weather or Climate Be an Issue?

Every guest is a bit different, so keep their overall health in mind. Regardless of the age or health of the guests on your list, consider if your venue choice is in an area that may cause issues. Allergies, extreme temperatures, elevation, or even humidity may have dangerous effects on your loved ones.

Will Your Guests Get Along Together?

While everyone expects adults to behave appropriately, we all know issues can arise. For a destination wedding, your guests will be spending longer than a single night together. Be sure to keep your guest list clear of any potentially disagreeable pairings and you’ll have a much happier experience.

Do You Have a Close Relationship with Your Invitees?

With a wedding ceremony that is local, it is easy to invite large groups of people. Wanting to have as many of your friends and family involved in your special day is understandable, but destination weddings aren’t accessible to all guests. Make sure that you’re inviting guests that are truly close with you and you’ll avoid having to hear any awkward excuses from those who can’t justify spending the time and money to attend your destination wedding.

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