10 Most Forgotten Items for a Bride’s Day-Of Purse

Bride holding a pearl decorated purse

Most brides figure out that they need to pack their purses especially well for the day of the wedding. This bag can accompany them from preparation, to meals, to ceremony, to reception, and away into the night. However, it can be hard to know what you’ll need on one of the most busy days of your life.

Make sure that these ten items are part of your bag, so that there is no way you’ll be without them; if you are over-prepared, that is certainly not a bad thing! Rather than having a mad scramble for anything at your venue, having things handy will make every small bump in the road feel barely noticeable.

Bride crying tears of joy and dabbing eyes with tissue

1. Tissues

Listed number one for a reason! Great for removing a quick swipe of make-up or a stray tear, and handy if you need to blow your nose or if someone wants to get rid of gum at the last minute.

2. Stain Stick or Wipes

In combination with the tissues, these can be a lifesaver if something gets on an outfit – especially a white bridal gown. Make sure to test the one you want to use on the fabrics of the bridal party outfits; find a spot on the inside of a hem where no one would notice discoloration and make sure you pack the brand that leaves no trace!

3. Super Glue, Duct Tape, or Another Fastener

Something about big events seems to coax things to break at the last minute. While nothing truly important in a wedding ceremony is breakable, most of us want to be able to quickly resolve any issue with decorations or physical items in the wedding space without complaint. Super glue is a good option for this, though if you know you’ll need something stronger, no one would turn down a small roll of duct tape either!

4. Safety Pins

While no one would choose ideally to have their wedding dress held up by a pin and a prayer, safety pins are a great plan B when a rip or tear or not-quite-fitting outfit happens. They can also be helpful if your outdoor wedding takes a turn for the windy: pinning down a tie or two if someone forgets a real tie pin can be done in a non-obtrusive way to make the photos or videos of the ceremony not look like a wind tunnel.

Various items found in a first aid kit

5. Benedryl/First Aid Essentials

Especially helpful if you haven’t been exposed to the wedding venue previously for long enough to know if you are allergic to anything, it is also a great idea to have a small supply of your favorite headache cure, some band-aids, and antibiotic ointment. Even if the only use is a scraped knee from an adventurous flower girl, its always nicer to be able to quickly handle the situation rather than searching an unfamiliar venue for what you need.

6. A Ring of Some Kind

While not the world’s most romantic option, putting a ring in the bag and then keeping it hidden in a bouquet or pocket can be helpful for if something keeps both rings from making it into the hands of the happy couple for the specific moment of the ceremony. From far away, no one in the crowd will be able to tell if you have to use your teenage mood ring to get married, and once you swap them out for the real thing, it becomes a story to laugh about, rather than a scramble in front of everyone.

7. Small Mirror

While brides and grooms usually look wonderful, it’s nice to be able to quickly check, especially if you are wearing more than your usual amount of makeup or are sporting a fancy hairdo.

Bottle of water by the beach at sunset

8. Water

Hydration is key, especially on a day when many people are too nervous to eat adequately. At least taking small sips of water in the moments between activities on the wedding day is important, especially since using a water fountain is a pain in a ball gown.

9. Scissors

For some reason, there always seems to be a need for scissors: cutting a loose thread from a dress or opening a package of bubbles at the end of the night can be hard without them. Personally, I liked having scissors packed for a minute after we drove away from our venue because we were able to slip out and cut away all the dangling parts of our car’s festooned decorations from the groomsmen. I didn’t mind looking silly, but it just seemed dangerous to get on the highway with tin cans dragging behind us.

10. Pen

From guestbook signing to signing the marriage license, it cannot hurt to have a pen handy. Some people choose to write a sweet note to their beloved during the moments between preparation and the ceremony, to calm their nerves and return their focus to the reason why the hoopla is happening. Having a pen handy will allow you to have this little moment and your groom or bride will appreciate knowing they were on your mind when that moment arrived.

Add your own items to this list to make sure that your bag is customized to the needs for your particular wedding. If you know you’ll need to light candles at some point, for instance, keep a lighter in your bag, and if you want to be able to change shoes for the reception, keep those handy too. Overall, the goal of the survival kit or “go bag” is to have more than you need so that any time something arises on your special day, it won’t take more than a minute to pull out a solution to any small problems.

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