11 Bridal Accessory Trends for 2019

A bride wearing large crystal statement earrings as an accessory trend on her wedding day.

With every passing year, new trends come and go in the world of bridal style. The same can be said for not only the gowns that brides choose to wear on their big day, but also for the accessories they wear alongside them. This year, there’s a host of beautiful, fun, and chic accessory trends that have hit the wedding market. Here’s a few you may want to wear yourself!

1. Statement Earrings

While in recent years bridal jewelry has taken a back seat to the wedding gown, in 2019 jewelry for brides is on the up-and-up. Trendsetters are noticing that statement earrings are becoming more and more prevalent for brides. These include something eye-catching like drop earrings or even big and bold styles that demand attention.

2. Pearls

A bride wearing a veil and pearl earrings.

Pearls are a classic staple when it comes to jewelry, but that doesn’t mean they’ve always been a wedding accessory trend. However, in 2019 they seem to have found their place in bridal style. Pearls are popping up not only embedded into wedding gowns but also on veils and bridal headbands, presenting a refined and redesigned twist on this classic piece of jewelry.

3. Belts

Bridal belts are another big trend that brides are loving this calendar year. Worn with simple wedding dresses, they can be decorated with jewels, textured fabric, or even colors other than white to make a statement and define the waistline. Since these are flattering, fun, and stylish, there’s nothing not to love about this trend!

4. Tiaras

A bride wearing a tiara on her winter wedding day.

Perhaps we can attribute this trend to the popularity of 2018’s royal wedding, but whatever the reason, tiaras are a big bridal accessory trend this year. In 2019, trend spotters are noticing that ornate and sparkly tiaras are being paired with simple and elegant gowns (much like Meghan Markle opted to do at her own wedding) in order to spotlight the tiara and really let this accessory act as a show stopper. These can be dainty or bold—whatever suits the style of the bride.

5. 3D and Wearable Florals

Flowers and weddings go hand in hand, which is perhaps why it makes sense that wearable and three-dimensional flowers are a huge accessory trend this year. These can adon bridal gloves or rest atop a bride’s head on an intricate headband to make a beautiful and feminine statement. Three-dimensional flowers are also popular adorning bridal shoes, making a statement on the feet of brides.

6. Capes

A bride wearing a trendy cape as a bridal acessory as she's wakling next to her groom.

While capes have been regarded as more old-fashioned, as of late these are trendy once again. Both full length and shorter capes have made a comeback in the world of bridal accessories for 2019.

7. Glittering Headbands

This may be another bridal accessory trend that stemmed from the beauty of the recent royal wedding! Glitzy headbands filled with jewels are a trend on the rise for 2019 that gives brides a romantic and glamorous look.

8. Ribbons

A large ribbon bow on the back of a bride's lace wedding dress.

Ribbons seem to be popping up everywhere when it comes to bridal trends this year. From appearing on belts, headbands, and even tied directly onto the heads of some brides into an elaborate bow, this simple yet impactful trend is easy and affordable to take advantage of, making it one not to be missed.

9. Glitzy Veils

A twist on classic veils is showing its face in this year’s top bridal accessories. Instead of a run-of-the-mill veil, brides are loving sparkly veils instead. Tulle embellished with crystals ensures that a bride sparkles and shines with every turn, making this an accessory that is sure to render attention.

10. Comfortable Shoes

A bride wearing a tulle wedding dress and comfortable shoes.

While in years past brides felt as though they were obligated to wear stiletto heels on their big day, it’s increasingly popular for brides to enjoy more comfortable footwear as they walk down the aisle. From glitzy tennis shoes to elegant sandals, there are a range of options on the market that make it easy and fun to stay comfortable throughout the entirety of your wedding day. Some sites even customize these comfortable shoes for brides, making this an even more appealing option.

11. Personalized Box Bags

Sleek and simple box bags that are chic and stylish are a definite trend of this year’s wedding looks. Marble-looking bags with glitter writing in cursive seems to be popular, not only acting as a chic accessory, but also a useful one that can hold a bride’s phone, tissues, and lipstick.

All of these accessory trends are fun to wear and can really make a big impact on the overall look of a bride on her wedding day. Consider these as you make choices surrounding your bridal style for a 2019 wedding.

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