7 Hair Accessories to Rock on Your Wedding Day

Flower hair pins

You’ve got the dress, you’ve picked out the ‘do, and now you just need to accessorize. Hair accessories are a great way to add a touch of glamour without a lot of fuss (or cost) and can instantly upgrade your wedding photos. No matter how fancy or how simple you plan your wedding day to be, your hair still needs to look to die for. Here are some of our favorite wedding hair accessories that you can play around with for your big day.

1. Flower Crown

When you’re trying to create the woodland hipster wedding of the century, you cannot forget to add the pièce de résistance: the flower crown. You can fashion your own by following any number of Youtube tutorials or scouring through DIY blogs, or you could work with a local florist if you’re interested in using fresh flowers. There are also many gorgeous artificial crowns available on Etsy or even at Target, Claire’s, or Forever 21. Flower crowns are definitely having their moment as the ultimate wedding hair accessory, creating a whimsical, playful, and casual look on your big day.

2. Decorative Comb

hair comb

If you’re opting out of a veil (despite your mother’s protests), then a great way to add a bit of old world glamour is to use a decorative comb in your hair. One of these can be used while wearing your hair down or up and would look great in a romantic half-up, half-down do. Swoop it in for a dash of sparkle that will look great in photographs. But before you go shop online or in stores for a comb, ask your grandmas, aunts, and your mom if they have one first so that you can have a very special little piece of family with you on your wedding day. Vintage shops and flea markets are also excellent places to find unique hair combs that will add a little bit of drama to even the simplest wedding ‘dos.

3. Beaded Headband

Made popular by the flappers of the 20s, the beaded headband still gives a slightly rebellious and edgy look to your hair. Wear the headband straight across your forehead for an added vintage touch or place it near the crown of your head and sweep up your hair around it in an updo. There are literally endless options for beaded headbands and you can get as simple or as glamorous as you would like.

4. Feathers

If you are a very fashionable bride, think about incorporating decorative feathers into your hair for your wedding day. Though you don’t have to be as bold as Carrie “I put a bird on my head” Bradshaw, feather accessories can be a very daring and glamorous wedding hairdo for the right person. Try placing the feather accessories into a side swept bun, which will create a dramatic effect when you walk down the aisle. It’s unlikely that anyone will be able to take their eyes off you—especially your soon-to-be spouse.

5. Birdcage Veil

Vintage veil

Funky, vintage-loving brides have long been fans of the birdcage veil. Classic and flirtatious, this veil is perfect for brides who want a veil but don’t want the huge expense or to have it hide the back of their dress (which, let’s be honest, is sometimes the star of the show!). You can easily incorporate a birdcage veil into any type of wedding—from the beach to the courthouse to the art museum—and will work well with updos or wearing wavy locks down.

6. Hair Pins

Whether you’ve chosen a simple updo or you’re skipping the salon visit to save money, an easy way to make your wedding hair look more glamorous is by adding a few decorative hairpins into the mix. Go for a classic pearl bobby pin or add a touch of sparkle with rhinestone pins that will look fantastic when they catch the light. Use flower pins that represent your wedding colors or your betrothed’s birthstone color. A small hairpin is also a great opportunity for your “something blue,” if you’re not using blue as one of your wedding colors. Don’t be afraid to get creative and choose things that make you feel gorgeous. You deserve it on today of all days!

7. A Tiara

Wedding hair tiara

When you want to proudly exclaim that you are queen of the day, a tiara fits the bill nicely. Though you may have fantasized that you have the pedigree and royal title of Kate Middleton, it’s not a requirement to be a royal to wear one. A word of caution, however, when choosing your dazzling crown: subtle always works best for photos. If the crown is too bling-y it may come off looking like a bachelorette or birthday party instead of an elegant wedding.

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