7 Style Tips for Winter Wedding Brides

A young winter bride standing outside in the snow in a fur coat with a bouquet and sparkly tiara.

Are you and your significant other thinking about planning a winter wedding? Now that the cooler months of fall and winter have finally arrived, many brides and grooms are contemplating what a wedding in the winter would be like. Let me tell you from personal experience that winter weddings are utterly magical and romantic. I can’t imagine a more beautiful way to celebrate a union of two lives.

If you are considering a winter wedding, one of the most important aspects to address is attire. Because it will be significantly colder and darker during your ceremony and reception, it’s important that you and your fiancé select the right clothing for the occasion. You’ll also need to find appropriate outfits for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Keep these helpful style tips in mind as you move forward with your winter wedding plans!

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Look Glamorous

A bride wearing a sparkly long-sleeved dress and long earrings as she's leaning on a furry chair.

Winter weddings are ideal for glamour. From your dress selection to your decorations, this is the perfect opportunity to go a little crazy and splurge on extravagant attire and accessories. Glitter and sequins, for example, are extremely festive. A dress with these features is ideal for brides who want to sparkle and shine as they walk down the aisle and waltz across the dance floor.

2. Clothing Material Matters

A young bride and groom kissing in front of a geometric backdrop in the snow.

The clothes you pick for your winter wedding must not only look beautiful, but function appropriately as well. In this case, that means keeping you, your fiancé, and your wedding party warm enough. For women, consider dresses made from heavy fabrics. Silk and satin are good options. If you’ve already selected a dress made from thinner fabric, it may be worth adding a satin lining underneath to help keep you warmer. Men may want to look for a warm blazer to add to their ensemble. For this, velvet is a great material to consider.

3. Accessorize!

A bride and groom standing outside in the snow wearing a scarf and fur jacket.

One of the best aspects of dressing for a winter wedding is accessorizing. The right accessories can add a lot aesthetically to your event. Bejeweled tiaras, for example, can make a bride look like a snow princess! In the winter, accessories aren’t only good for appearance, however. They can also function to keep you both warm. Brides and grooms should also consider wearing faux fur; stoles, veils, scarves, and capes are especially fitting for this type of colder occasion.

4. Opt for Boots

A bride and groom outside in the snow.

High heels and snow or ice are not friends. In fact, they’re probably better described as mortal enemies. When picking appropriate footwear for a winter wedding, keep the various potential weather conditions in mind. It’s likely to be cold, so shoes that expose your toes should be avoided. Additionally, ice can be problematic for high heels. This is especially true if the heel is thin, and is why many brides opt to wear boots for their winter weddings. Not only will they keep your feet warm, but they can help prevent a disastrous fall.

5. Keep Undergarments in Mind

A woman wearing black boots with red laces in the snow.

Depending on where your winter wedding will take place, temperatures can vary significantly. If you know the potential for freezing or near-freezing weather is high, it’s best to plan ahead. To combat the cold, you should plan to have thick tights available to wear under your wedding dress. As long as you’ve selected a longer dress, no one will have any idea what you’ve got going on underneath it! While you may not need them, it’s always better to be prepared.

6. Take Care of Your Bridal Party

A bridesmaid standing in the snow holding a purple bouquet and wearing a purple shawl.

Another important factor is the comfort of your bridal party. While your groomsmen should stay relatively warm in their suit jackets, the bridesmaids are likely to be more susceptible to the cold. Even longer dresses allow for significantly more airflow and often lack sleeves. To ensure your bridesmaids stay warm too, consider providing them each with a cover-up. In fact, matching shawls make a great gift. Not only will they be useful the day of your wedding, but your bridesmaids are likely to use them again in the future. A comparable gift for your groomsmen may be matching scarves. To make these items more personal, they can easily be embroidered.

7. Remember Your Guests

a table of white blankets at a winter wedding and the sign

While not directly related to what you, your fiancé, and bridal party will be wearing, it’s still important to keep your wedding guests in mind. The first step in accomplishing this is providing your family and friends with good information. If you know it’s going to be cold, make sure you let them know well in advance. Consider including a reminder in your wedding invitations or on your wedding website. You may also want to provide some sort of cover-up for guests when they arrive. Many couples planning winter weddings have blankets available, especially if the ceremony or part of the reception takes place outside.

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