9 Alternatives to Wearing a Veil on Your Wedding Day

A bride wearing a hair accessory instead of a veil.

Wedding veils are a tradition that many brides opt to wear on their big day. While these accessories come in many styles, shapes, and lengths, it doesn’t mean that there is a veil out there to strike the fancy of every bride. In fact, some may decide they want to do something off the beaten path and go with an alternative head accessory on their wedding day. If that idea appeals to you, read about the following veil alternatives that are chic, unique, and as equally beautiful as a veil.

1. Hair Pins and Combs

Hair pins and combs may be small, but they can make a big impact. You’re bound to find one of these that suit your bridal preferences and they add a beautiful pop of style to your look.

2. Flower Crowns

Flowers play a large part in weddings, and a flower crown is an especially beautiful addition to the list of items you request from your florist. These crowns give off major boho-chic vibes, but they can be customized to meet the style preferences of almost any bride. This is because your florist can use virtually any flower to create the crown. This can be dainty with soft and small flowers or more bold and vibrant with the use of large, brightly colored flowers. Match your flower crown to your personality and wedding theme to replace a veil with some serious floral flair.

3. Fascinators

A bride sitting in a vintage car and wearing a fascinator.

Move over royal wedding guests, fascinators are for brides, too! These come in many variations and add lots of style, sass, and personality to a bridal look. These pair particularly well with vintage or vintage-style wedding gowns. And if you’re looking to add an accessory that isn’t white, this is a great way to add that pop of color you’re craving.

4. Headbands

A bride wearing a headband.

There are a wealth of intricate headbands on the market that make for a beautiful bridal accessory. Many of these are made of ribbon and then in the middle have jewels on them, giving brides the glitzy look that they crave on their special day.

5. Feathers

A bride wearing feathers in her hair kissing her groom at a winter wedding.

For a more daring bride who is looking for something out of the box, feathers adorning your hair could be just the ticket. These hairpieces span the market in simple variations or those that are more intricate with rhinestones or other jewels paired with colorful feathers.

6. Blushers

A bride wearing a blusher instead of a veil and kissing her groom in a vintage car.

Get the best of both worlds by opting for a blusher rather than a veil. Blushers still have that bridal feel while not being as large as a veil, making it easier to control throughout the day and certainly providing a chic statement! Blushers on the market range from those that are simple and straightforward to those that are more intricate and bold with flowers or jewels included.

7. Tiaras

Who says that princesses are the only ones that can wear a tiara? It’s your big day—you deserve to feel like royalty, after all! Top off your look with a bejeweled and sparkly tiara rather than a veil and you’re guaranteed to feel like a million bucks.

8. Flowers

A bride wearing a lace dress with a rose and greenery in her hair.

Rather than shaping flowers into a crown, you may want to make a simple statement by wearing a single flower in your hair. This look bodes well at beach and outdoor weddings and is an easy and affordable way to add a little something extra to your look.

9. Nothing at All

A bride without any hair acessories, smelling her bouquet.

There’s no rule stating that brides have to wear anything at all on their heads—if your gown or other accessories speak for themselves, don’t feel like you need to wear a veil or any other headpiece. It’s as simple as that!

Deciding on all things bridal style can take some serious contemplation, and a veil or headpiece is no exception. Consider these veil alternatives to look truly special on your big day.

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