Bridal Accessories: Dress it Up or Dress it Down?

Bride with wedding hairstyle.

Accessories are objects that can be added to enhance attractiveness, but is this always the case? Is going all-out with accessories the right choice? They can certainly be useful, enabling you to wear your something blue or even help create the style you’re going for. Let’s say your wedding is 20s flapper themed, a feathered headband could be an obvious choice for bridal accessory and help tie your look into your theme.

As much as accessories are wonderful tools, it can be difficult to decide whether to grab or ditch that accoutrement. How do you decide which to dress up and which to dress down? Should you wear simple flats or full on sparkle heels that wow your guests? We’ve got the ups and downs of all bridal adornments to help you make your choices for the big day.

Shoes: Is Comfort King?

wedding shoes

Heels are beautiful, but be careful in thinking you’ll just suffer through. If you’re the kind of bride who believes beauty is pain, then you’ll probably be fine with the toe-pinching footwear, but if you’re more a comfort-over-everything-else kind of person, you might want to grab some flats. Heck, you could even wear slippers. Obviously I’m joking, although slippers aren’t a bad gift idea, especially if your guests have gone with heels themselves. By the time they’ve danced to Thriller and Hey Ya!, their dogs will be barking, but I digress.

It’s also important to think about the day in general and not just comfort. Is your wedding outside? Are you going to be walking on grass, because a heel sinking into grass is an awkward situation. Will your wedding be a full on dance party? You might want to consider how effectively you can do the Cha-Cha Slide in those four inchers. Last, but not least, how tall is your groom? You might end up taller than them in heels, so it’s something to consider if that kind of thing will bother you.

The biggest obstacle with the wedding shoe is not being able to see it. If your dress is floor length then a heel is pointless, simply because you will not see them. Go for comfort instead, like just grabbing some nice white flats. If height is your aim, then maybe find a heel that is somewhat comfortable. Since you still won’t see it, it doesn’t really matter what it looks like.

If your dress is shorter, than by all means, go for whatever shoe you want guests to see you in. If that means cowboy boots, then that means cowboy boots, or Converse, or bare feet; whatever makes your heart sing. At my cousin’s wedding, she wore beautiful gold-sequined ballet flats and a mid-calf length dress. The shoes looked great, they were so her, and she was comfortable with full range of motion.

Hair Adornments

Veils can be a great way to offset or match your dress, and they are so pretty. Nothing is perfect, though. Veils can be annoying, especially at an outdoor wedding. The wind can blow it into your face or—heaven forbid—off your head entirely. I’ve also seen bugs attach to a veil like it’s their mothership, or you might even get straight up tired of wearing the dang thing on your head. Veils are traditional, however, so that’s a big pro if tradition is important to you. They are also crowd pleasers, and did I mention they’re really pretty?

If you can’t decide whether to wear a veil or something different, consider the pros of going nontraditional. Other types of hair accessories can also be gorgeous and there really are tons of options. Clips, headbands, fascinators, flower crowns, and even crystal crowns; there is truly something for everyone whether you want a more low key look or something flashy. Your hair accessory can be tied into your theme, which is great, or just accentuate your dress in a beautiful way.

All in all, it depends on you, your style, and how high-maintenance your hair ornament is going to be in your specific wedding. Regardless of whether you go big or stay simple, just make whatever you pick is going to stay.

Bling: Girl’s Best Friend?

Wedding necklace

Jewelry can make you look like a movie star; plus, it’s fun to pick out and to wear. It can make you feel fancier, which is a feeling a lot of brides are going for on their big day. Every piece is important to consider because it can change up your look in a huge way. One necklace can dress you up effortlessly; one bracelet can add charm. Your jewelry can be practical too, helping you to include your something old or something blue if you’re doing that.

Jewelry can be annoying just like a veil, however; it is a comfort thing. Bracelets and necklaces can be hot depending on their size, and a sweaty collar bone is no one’s goal here. Also, think about dancing. Imagine yourself on the dance floor with all your jewelry flopping up and down. You could take them off for your reception but that kind of defeats the purpose, don’t you think? It’s up to you whether you’re either okay with not including the jewelry for your reception or you don’t really care about dancing with it on. You might want to consider that jewelry can be quite loud.

Overall, how much or how little bling is something you will have to balance yourself and keep an eye on, especially if you’re a bride who wants to keep your look somewhat simple. If you’re all about the glitz and glamour, then go for it; dress yourself like royalty and reign!

Now you’ve seen the pros and cons of each, you can make your decisions. As the bride, you want to feel like a goddess. You can achieve this by striking a good balance between being comfortable and looking your best. There are no rules really. It’s up to you and your tastes and what you’re willing to put up with for the whole day. As long as you think through what you want your final look to be carefully, you cannot fail. If you’re happy, it will show, and you will be at goddess status no matter what.

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