Don’t Forget These 5 Accessories to Complete Your Bridal Look

A pair of heels and jewelry next to a tulle wedding dress.

You did it! You finally found the wedding dress of your dreams. But hold on—you’re not quite finished with your bridal look yet. While you might want to take a brief break from shopping (we know saying yes to the dress is super stressful) no bride is complete without an amazing set of accessories. After all, it’s the details that will really make your look pop; if the gown is the dessert, then your accessories are definitely the cherry on top. If you’re unsure where to start, we created this list of the accessories you’ll need to complete your bridal look.

1. Wedding Shoes

A bride walking down a dirt path holding her dress to reveal red-soled heels.

What’s a dress without a fabulous pair of shoes? When selecting a pair of shoes, it’s key to consider both the style of your dress and venue, as well as your comfort level. For example, are you getting hitched at a fancy ballroom or on the beach? Also, be honest with yourself: are you someone who is comfortable wearing a pair of strappy high heels, or would you prefer a pair of platform sandals or maybe a kitten heel or even a pair of ballet flats? It’s a big decision because you’ll be wearing these shoes all day and night long. If you’re really focused on wearing a pair of pumps, then maybe consider a pair of sandals or flip flops as the night goes on. Your feet will thank you!

2. Hair Accessories

A bride wearing a large flower crown.

While a veil or headpiece is not necessary to complete a bridal look, it definitely adds something special. If you think a veil might be a little much for your bridal look, you might want to consider wearing some stylish hair accessories such as headbands, tiaras, barrettes, or hair combs. Before selecting your hair accessories, you should not only match the style of your dress (vintage? boho? glam? traditional?) but also know how your hair will be styled that day. Are you going for an updo or leaving it down? A floral crown or an elegant fascinator are fashionable choices, too. So don’t be afraid to get creative and lean towards what makes you feel your best!

3. Wedding Jewelry

A bride wearing large earrings to compliment her one-shoulder dress.

Of course, your engagement ring and wedding band will be the star of your bling show, but let’s not forget your ears and neck. A beautiful necklace or a pair of stunning earrings can elegantly complete many bridal looks, but it’s important to note your wedding dress cut and style. For example, a statement necklace with a strapless gown can look amazing, but might not look as a good with a high neckline. A dainty pair of earrings might be the right touch for a dress that’s already super glam, but might be lost with a dress that’s more simple. No matter what you choose as your wedding jewelry, remember: less is more.

4. A Clutch or Purse

A bride holding a pearl-encrusted clutch.

A purse is both practical and stylish when it comes to your wedding day. After all, how else will you carry your lipstick, cell phone, and any breath mints or little stash of snacks? You might not want to carry it during your actual wedding ceremony, but it will come in handy for the reception. You might want to consider enlisting your maid of honor or a bridesmaid to keep it safe for you whenever you’re around greeting guests or doing other wedding duties. When in doubt, keep it small and stylish.

5. A Shrug or a Jacket

A bride wearing a jean jacket over her wedding dress and holding a bouquet of sunflowers.

Depending on the season or where you’re getting married, having a chic shrug, jacket, or even a cardigan on hand is always a good idea. If you’re getting married in the winter, you’ll definitely want something to keep you nice and toasty while also looking fashionable. Having something to keep you warm on cooler nights, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding, is a smart idea. Wearing a strapless dress? A chic shrug or bolero makes for a great accessory.

Your wedding dress is clearly the star of your ensemble, but by adding these fashionable accessories to complete your bridal look, you’ll really be able to shine!

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