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Wedding Heel Protectors

Because you are not a garden tool.

Like many outdoor brides, I was worried about my heels sinking into the lawn. My wedding-day heels are four inches tall, so it was damn near impossible to find a pair of bridal-esque wedges that high to wear for the ceremony. (Trust me, I searched high and low for a pair that I even marginally liked.) I also couldn’t just wear flats (or shorter wedges) for the ceremony, because then my dress would be four inches too long. I was stuck with my heels, so I needed to figure out a way to make them work.

A lot of people have worn those SoleMate wedding heel protectors (in fact, Doe posted about them just a few weeks ago) with great success. But I was hesitant to try them, because a) they’re expensive for what they are, and b) I have heard mixed reviews, at best, about them. I was looking at them on Amazon one day and in the related products I saw something called Heels Above.

heels above wedding heel protectors

Heels Above are a similar concept—a little rubbery-plasticy thing you put on your heel to give it a wider surface area and prevent it from sinking—but they’re a bit different. The bottom surface area is about one inch across, so there is no freaking way you would be able to sink into the grass. One of the things I repeatedly heard in reviews of SoleMates was that they sometimes still don’t make the bottom of the heel wide enough to prevent sinking, which is why I thought that the Heels Above wedding heel protectors seemed like a better bet. Plus, the price was much better, and the reviews on Amazon were unanimously positive.

Mr. Wiz’s mom ordered two packs of them, and I got to try them out yesterday. I’m happy to report that I did not sink into the grass in any way, shape, or form—and this was in soaking-wet, raining-all-day, muddy, soft grass too. Success!

The one caveat with Heels Above is that they are not as discreet as SoleMates.

bridal shoes with heel protectors

What they look like when you’re standing in the grass

wedding heel protectors

Trying to demonstrate what it looks like when you’re taking a step and your heel is up in the air

Obviously in a floor-length wedding gown this isn’t an issue, but if you’re wearing a dress that shows your shoes, you may want to take that into consideration if you’re thinking about trying these. Other than that, I would recommend these things 100%.

Update: The Heels Above heel protectors ended up working great on our wedding day. And our photographer managed to get some great feet shots where you can’t see the heel protectors at all. See for yourself.

bride and groom feet

Requisite couple’s feet shot (no heel protectors in sight!)

bride wearing gold heels

My Heels Aboves in action, doing their job discreetly

Are you planning on using wedding heel protectors? Do you have any great must-have wedding-day products to recommend?

*All photos in this post are personal.

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