How to Work Something Blue Into Your Wedding Look

A pair of deep blue high-heel shoes with crystals on the heels that a bride will wear to her wedding.

We’ve all heard about the wedding tradition of incorporating “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” into your bridal attire, but how exactly should you go about doing that? Here’s some easy and fun options for incorporating something blue into your wedding day look.


Using your footwear to bring in the blue is a great option, especially if you want to make a bold statement. You could go all-out and wear completely blue shoes; the hue could range from a bold royal blue or a dark navy to a sweet, light pastel. Or if you’d rather wear  something more subtle, you could wear shoes that have a blue accent, like a jeweled piece or some blue ribbons or ties.


A bride with her hair in a thick braid and a large jeweled blue hair pin.

Utilizing your accessories is the most versatile way to bring “something blue” into your outfit because the possibilities are close to endless! One great option is to wear a piece of jewelry that has blue aspects—a gorgeous necklace or stunning bracelet would be great ways to bring blue into your look. Or, you might want to add some flair to your hair style by adding a blue accent. Another option, particularly applicable to a winter wedding, would be to incorporate the color blue into a shawl or other cover-up. Again, this could be a completely blue shawl, cardigan, or scarf—or it could be a white garment with blue buttons or other small accents. Either way, accessories are a great, super versatile way to bring blue into your wedding attire!

Nail Polish

Another easy option for bringing blue into your look is through nail polish, whether it’s on your fingernails or toenails. There are plenty of different shades of blue available at salons and drugstores, so you’re bound to find the exact hue to go with your gorgeous gown. Many bridal parties choose to get manicures together as a part of the pre-wedding events, so this is the perfect time for you to grab your friends and have them help you choose the perfect option. Whether you choose a bright, bold blue or something more subtle, incorporating this tradition in through your nail color is a great way to make a statement and fulfill the tradition all at once.

Your Bouquet

A bride holding a bouquet with red flowers, eucalyptus leaves, and blue hydrangea.

If you prefer a more subtle approach, or want to have “something blue” that doesn’t necessarily stay on you all day, using your bridal bouquet is the perfect option. There’s the obvious technique of including flowers in shades of blue, of course, but you could also get creative and use blue ribbons around the stems, or even attach a blue jewelry piece or other accessory to the bouquet itself for a subtle way to complete the tradition. The great thing about using your bouquet is that, similar to an accessory, you have so many possibilities for making it your own and really being as bold or as subtle as you prefer.


For a super subtle option, consider incorporating blue into your undergarments for the day. The fun part about this is that no one will see it besides your future spouse—and what a fun surprise that could be! (Just make sure, of course, that the blue tone you choose isn’t going to be seen through your dress.) You might also consider incorporating the color into your garter. It’s certainly fun to know that you and your spouse will be the only ones to know the exact details of your “something blue.”

Your Dress

A bride pinning a blue broach in the shape of a bird onto her wedding dress.

A creative option is to actually attach something blue to your wedding dress itself. You can now purchase cute patches with your wedding date or new monogram on them (sewn with blue thread, of course) to attach to the inner liner of your dress. Or, you could even cut a small piece of fabric from a meaningful blue garment and create a patch on your own. This is an especially meaningful option if you have a piece of clothing from an important friend or family member who has passed away; creating a heart-shaped blue patch on your dress to represent that person is a beautiful way to celebrate their memory and include them in the day.

No matter which option you choose to showcase “something blue” to your wedding guests—whether through a bright, bold shoe or a subtle hair ribbon—this is a fun tradition that has been done by brides for decades and is a special factor to add to your pre-wedding “to do” list.

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