Outdoor Weddings: Shoe Solutions for Brides and Guests

Bride and groom walk barefoot over a bridge

Are you participating in an upcoming outdoor wedding, either as a bride or a guest? Outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular among couples, and for good reason! Outdoor venues offer gorgeous views, allow for a light and breezy atmosphere, and provide the perfect opportunity for the bride and groom to share their love of the outdoors with their closest family and friends. While there are plenty of amazing reasons to opt for an outdoor wedding venue over more traditional settings, some individuals worry considerably about what shoes will be most appropriate for the event.

While some venues have concrete areas and decks, or provide portable dance floors, you’ll usually have to spend at least some time on the actual ground. You can certainly choose to brave a sharp heeled stiletto, but you may end up clutching the arms of whoever is next to you when your heel sinks into the soft ground. Or worse yet, you may break that tiny heel right off and end up walking around barefoot before you even get near the dance floor! For a more comfortable outdoor wedding experience, consider these shoe types to save yourself some hassle and heartacheand possibly muddy feet!


For those of us who haven’t quite mastered the tiny heel, wedges are easier to walk in. This option is a reliable alternative to heels, especially when outdoors. They have plenty of surface area on the bottom to ensure you’re not drilling for oil with every step! You’ll still get a little bit of height, depending on the size of your wedge, and your ankles will thank you.

Are you considering wedges as your bridal attire? Make sure to find a pair that suits your venue. If you’re going to be moving up and down steps, you’ll need wedges that fit nicely or have supporting straps. If you’re working with relatively flat ground on the other hand, you can stick with a slip-on type for great comfort and style all rolled into one.

A bride and groom kiss on the beach with their shoes off


These shoes aren’t just for kids anymore! Flats can be the perfect solution for an outdoor wedding. This type of shoe offers unrivaled comfort and it’s extremely easy to find a beautiful pair to fit any outfit. They’re one of the most commonly worn shoe types and are available in a huge variety of style and colors. For added arch support, it’s a good idea to grab a set of insoles for your flats.

One of the cutest forms of flats for brides is the ballet slipper. These flats have an amazingly dainty feel and look that lends itself beautifully to a wedding dress. You can even incorporate ribbon to wrap up your leg for an added elegant touch. Flats are also the perfect option for particularly creative brides. Consider adding a brooch, gems, or even flowers to your flats. The process is simple and the result is a very special, one of a kind, pair shoes with a personal touch that will draw the attention of all your guests.

Thick Heels

Some people just don’t feel dressed up without heels. If you’re dead-set on wearing heels to your upcoming outdoor event, make sure that you invest in a pair that won’t leave you stuck in the dirt. A thicker heel provides that lovely, feminine look you love without the need to sacrifice stability. You’re also significantly less likely to break your heel off if you do happen to get it caught somewhere.

Brides who choose thicker-heeled shoes are in for a treat! The larger heel allows for a lot of decorative freedom. If you like gems, find a pair has large stones on the heel, or consider adding some yourself. Your guests will be in awe as your every step catches the light and sparkles.

A bride and bridesmaids wearing cowboy boots


Nothing is built better for the outdoors than a pair of boots! While work boots are functional, they don’t go too well with a dress. Cowboy boots and heeled boots on the other hand, mix function with fashion and are the perfect alternative to stilettos. Consider opting for a nice, tall pair of boots to go with your dress. There are a variety of designs for boots, so you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect pair!

For a bride-to-be, consider getting a brightly colored boot. Many outdoor weddings call for a shorter wedding dress, which is a perfect way to show off your stylish boots. There are dyed boots in all different shades, so finding one to match your wedding color scheme won’t be too hard. If a completely bold color isn’t your thing, try finding a pair of boots with features that catch the attention of others. You can also look into replacing the strings with ribbon to match your wedding theme and colors.

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