Popular Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

  • A couple choosing an engagement ring

    You’re ready to take the next step in your relationship and you’ve been pinning engagement rings for months. Now it’s time to try on rings. However, you may be surprised by all the shapes once see all the choices. How do you know what diamond shape is best for you?

  • Jeweler Cutting a Diamond

    Ring shape and cut are different. The shape refers to the physical appearance of the stone and is a style choice. The cut denotes the diamond's brilliance, its facets, and angles. The quality of cut can affect the grade and beauty of a diamond. The cut has a direct relation to the shape of the diamond, but the terms are not interchangeable. Here’s an introduction to the most common shapes and what experts have to say.

  • Round Diamond Ring with a gold band on a wooden table


    The most popular shape. Its flexible design can be elegant alone or coupled with additional stones and different settings. This timeless classic works with most hand sizes, big, medium, and small. Today’s round shapes have 58 facets to create a brilliant round cut.

  • Princess Diamond Ring and a diamond-filled ring on a fabric rose


    A traditional princess shape has pointed corners and is typically square. Depending on the size of the stone, sometimes princess rings can be slightly more rectangular. The color of the diamond is prominently displayed. The distinct corners of this cut may not be best for a busy and active lifestyle.

  • Oval Diamond Ring on a blue cloth


    An oval shaped diamond is very versatile, beautiful solo or flanked with a pair of gems. It can provide the benefits of an extended diamond by maximizing carat weight, while making fingers appear long and thin. This shape also gives the brilliance of a round diamond, making it a fun alternative to the traditional round shape.

  • Emerald Diamond Ring held up to the camera


    This shape is made with step-cuts to create a rectangular top and cut corners. Emerald is best with a higher clarity grade diamond. An emerald-shaped ring can also give fingers a longer appearance. If you prefer a square shape, an asscher cut is a sister-like diamond to the emerald.

  • Asscher Diamond Ring against a white background


    The squared-sister of the emerald diamond. With a flat top and cut corners, it also highlights the clarity in a diamond. Classy, unique, and beautiful, this shape may be a possibility for those who favor the princess style.

  • A radiant cut diamond ring with a band filled with more diamonds


    Another square shape to consider is the radiant style. The name says it all: it’s cut to showcase the radiance of the diamond. The best of both worlds, you get the brilliance of a round diamond with the modern shape of a squared emerald.

  • A cushion cut diamond


    A cushion-shaped diamond is cut with larger facets and rounded corners. The cushion is a hybrid to the round and square shape, so it may be one to try if you can’t decide between these two styles. Popular in the Victorian era, the cushion style is popular for the romantic and vintage brides.

  • A marquise cut diamond ring on a woman's hand


    This fancy shape has points on the top and bottom. The elongated shape can create the impression of a larger diamond and slender fingers. It’s a better choice to maximize carat weight and makes a statement.

  • Two pear cut diamonds against a white background


    Also known as teardrop, this shape is rounded on one side with a point on the other. A teardrop can be a unique choice for someone who wants something different, but feminine.

  • A heart shaped diamond ring with a rose gold band


    Last but not least this is a distinctive heart shape. It’s great for those who are non-traditional and want something different. Celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga got engaged with heart-shaped rings and let’s not forget the beautiful "Heart of the Ocean" heart-shaped diamond in the movie Titanic.

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