The Best Single-Flower Wedding Bouquets

A bride holding a blue hydrangea bouquet.

There’s so many choices when it comes to picking the perfect flowers for your wedding bouquet—which can sometimes lead brides to choose a bouquet of only one . Going with one bloom means you don’t need to mix and match trying to ensure each flower you want is in season and each flower complements one another. It gives you a solid look without any fuss. We’ve got some great ideas for a single bloom wedding bouquet.


Hydrangea are bright and beautiful, perfect for creating an entire bouquet on their own. These are best from early spring to late autumn, and in a variety of colors, you can pair them with any type of wedding look from formal to casual.

Calla Lily

The calla lily is meant to shine on its own. “Calla” means “beauty” in Greek, making it a perfect choice for a bride on her wedding day. The tall flower stands out, so it’s best paired with a simple ribbon instead of lots of greenery. From casual to formal, this stunning calla lily can be used in any type of wedding.


The petals of a pink peony create the perfect wedding bouquet. The peony actually comes in many different colors, however, so you can pick and choose your favorite. From white and yellow to red and purple, peonies are in season from late spring to early summer. Best of all, the peony smells amazing, so you get some added luxury to your bouquet.


Dahlias are known for their dense petals, making them a great choice for a wedding bouquet. They come in many different colors (with the exception of blue). Whether you need classic white or bright pink, the dahlia provides an extravagant look. These flowers don’t usually have a scent, so they’re the best choice for those who don’t want a fragrant bouquet.


The magnolia is classic, simple, and beautiful. One magnolia bloom can take the spotlight as a single-flower bouquet, but you can accent it with the large glossy green leaves from a magnolia tree. The classic white magnolia is best used in spring or early summer when the trees bloom. The ivory color is easily paired with most colors. From light to dark dresses and decorations, the classic magnolia provides the perfect accent.


A small arrangement of succulents for a bridal bouquet.

One of the biggest wedding trends is using succulents in a bouquet. Succulents typically have thick, large “petals,” making them perfect for a simple bouquet with lots of impact. Succulents are often easier to treat than flowers, making them a sturdy choice on your wedding day.


If you’ve ever admired a rosebush full of beautiful blooms, you know what joy these flowers can bring to people. Not only are roses gorgeous, but they also smell like heaven. You can choose any one color or go with different colors of the same variety of rose. The different sizes, textures, and colors of roses make the possibilities for your bouquet truly endless!


A bunch of daisies nestled together is nothing less than sweet. Daisies are best suited to a casual or rustic wedding. The soft yellow and white colors paired with darker accents are simply perfect. While daisies can be accented with a bit of greenery, we think the simpler, the better.


A bride wearing a denim jacket over her dress and holding a sunflower bouquet.

Bright and full of sunshine, sunflowers are a perfect single bloom for your wedding bouquet. The classic flower is great for rustic weddings, especially those in the summer or fall. Most people agree that sunflowers have a happy look to them. The bright yellow (or orange!) combined with the dark brown center goes with many other colors you may want to use if your wedding, from navy blue to red. Sunflowers can be carried by the single stem, or set together in a large bouquet.

Gerbera Dasies

If you want to pack a punch of color, go with a gerbera daisy. The gerbera has big stems in colors of red, white, orange, pink, and yellow. Best of all, the capitulum (the head of the flower) is large and looks like another single flower, yet is actually hundreds of tiny flowers. These are the perfect blooms for an informal wedding to capture a happy, light feel.

Protea or Sweet African Sugarbush

Light pink protea blooms.

For a different wedding bouquet, the protea flower is your pick. The South African flowering plants have what look like spiky buds surrounding smaller petals. The vibrant colors give a special look to any wedding bouquet. The large size of a protea bloom probably means you would carry it alone for the best look.

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