The Do’s and Don’ts of Veils

wedding veil

Done well, veils can add just the right amount of drama to your wedding look. However, it’s the “done well” part that can get tricky. Here are all the do’s and don’ts you need to know about veils to look gorgeous on your wedding day, should you choose to wear one.

DO Choose Your Dress First

It is important that your veil is coordinated with your dress. There may be rare exceptions to this, such as if you have a veil that has been passed down from in your family, but if your veil is non-negotiable, then think about it when you are choosing your dress.

DON’T Forget to Give Your Veil a Trial Run

It’s important to make sure that anything you wear is comfortable, including your veil. Veils that are too heavy may hurt your neck. You won’t necessarily be wearing it for a long time, but you will want to remember the sweetness of the moment and not how much it hurt.

DO Bring Your Veil to Your Trial Hair Appointment

wedding veil

Obviously if you are wearing a veil, you will want to think about that when planning your hairstyle. Make sure you have it with you so that you can try it on with any hairstyles you are considering to see the full effect.

DON’T Get Too Bogged Down by Tradition

Don’t worry about what tradition dictates (unless you want to!) Some people feel that it is inappropriate for brides to wear veils for a second marriage. Feel free to completely ignore this. Weddings have become so fun because there are so many different ways that people can celebrate, so what you wear or don’t wear is completely up to you.

DO Have a Practice Run

You want to make sure that you can lift your veil easily for the kiss at the end of the ceremony. I recommend a run through before you even buy the veil to make sure that it works for you. You are probably going to be nervous and excited at the moment you need to lift it, so make sure it is super easy unless you want to end up as a viral video.

DON’T Forget to Look at the Back

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You need to look at the back (with mirrors or a picture) before deciding on a veil. You will obviously have a sense of the length from the front, but you will want a 360 degree view when deciding. You will also want to make sure that your bridesmaids are alert to warn you of any potential veil mishaps!

DO Look at Non-Veil Options

You can completely go without anything on your head, wear a fascinator, tiara, flowers, or anything else you want! Don’t forget to think about other alternatives before you decide on a veil.

DON’T Worry About Being Too Flashy – If That Is the Look You Are Going for

Some people warn against jeweled or otherwise adorned veils, and you will want to make sure you know how the light catches it so there is not an unintended effect. That said, it is your wedding day and some flashiness is called for (if you want it). Generally, go for whatever kind of style you want, but choose a plain veil you want the focus on your dress.

DO Think About the Size and Length of the Netting

wedding veil

Different sizes and lengths of netting in veils give completely different effects. Shorter veils with larger netting look more retro, while a more tightly knit net looks more romantic. Slight changes in knit size can make big differences in the overall effects.

DON’T (Unintentionally) Mismatch

White is white, right? Not exactly! Dresses are white or ivory or all numbers of slight variations that need to have a matching veil. (Unless you specifically want to mismatch, but that is a VERY bold move, so think ahead.) Make sure your dress and veil match each other exactly if they are both a shade of white. It will be distracting and look sloppy if they are close, but not quite the same color.

DO Consider Length

The length of your veil will make a big difference in the overall dramatic effect of your look. Don’t forget to think about this when you are choosing a veil. On a related note, consider where on your dress the veil will fall when it is back.

DON’T Forget You Can Change Your Mind if You Want to

One of the great things about veils is that they are totally optional (unless your religion or culture requires them). That means that if you were planning on wearing a veil but decide at the last minute that you don’t want to, that is fine!

DO Plan Whether You Are Going to Wear Your Veil During the Reception

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You will want to think about how long you will be wearing the veil for when you consider all these other things. A veil that may work perfectly for walking down the aisle may not be great for dancing.

DON’T Listen to the Rules!

It is your wedding and you can do whatever you want to! You can always ditch the veil if you have a change of heart!

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