Unique Wedding Bands for Grooms and Brides

A pair of wedding bands for the groom and bride sitting on a page from the Bible.

Wearing wedding bands is a long-standing tradition for married couples, and exchanging these rings with your fiancé on your wedding day will be something you’ll always remember. Wearing your wedding band is a constant reminder of the love and bond that you share. When it comes to style, there are a range of unique wedding bands to choose from to reflect your personality and preferences.

Unique Wedding Bands for Women

A groom putting a wedding band on his bride's finger during their wedding ceremony.

There are so many wedding bands out there for women that go outside the norm. They’re all beautiful and alluring.

A Stacked Ring

Who says that your wedding band has to be a single layer? A stacked ring—whether it’s adorned with diamonds, gems, or just plain metal—will be a beautiful and unique way to show your marital status.

Pearl Ring

A ring with pearls is ladylike and makes for a unique wedding band for any woman. A pearl ring strays from the norm but still has a classic touch to it.

Initial Ring

Opt for something that spells out your love instead of a traditional wedding band! Get a ring that has your spouse’s initial on it for something cool and personalized.

An “X” Ring

Rings that cross over to form an “x” are becoming a popular choice when it comes to creative wedding bands. These come in a range of metals and can sport pretty sparkly diamonds.

A Feather Ring

Feathers symbolize trust, honor, strength, and wisdom. This symbolism makes a feather ring a perfect wedding band if you want something unique, beautiful, and meaningful.

A Ring with Rubies

The deep hue of rubies makes for a beautiful wedding band. Think outside of the diamond or plain metal box with this beautiful gem to give your hand a pop of color.

Flower Ring

If you’re looking for something that promotes a romantic aesthetic, a ring made to resemble a flower crown makes for a soft and unique alternative to a traditional band.

Something Starry

A ring that has the stars engraved in it is a wedding band that purely says, “it’s written in the stars” about your union and love story.

Queen of Hearts

A ring composed of little hearts that sit next to each other shouts love from the rooftops. This is romantic, fun, and unique—the perfect combination for your creative wedding band.

The Ombré Effect

Opt for a wedding band that features colored gems creating a perfect ombré. This will add an elegant splash of color to your everyday look. To personalize it, get it in your spouse’s favorite color or birthstone.

Unique Wedding Bands for Men

A bride putting the ring on her groom's finger during a wedding ceremony.

We can’t forget about all the unique wedding bands out there for grooms to choose from!

Black Wedding Bands

Black wedding bands are a dark and sleek way for a modern man to show his marital status.

Textured Ring

A textured ring that has some kind of pattern on it is a creative way for a groom to express his sense of style. It can be something simple or intricate.

A Cable Band

A cable band is another kind of textured ring that makes for an interesting and unique men’s wedding ring.

Hammered Metal

For a twist on a classic, hammered metal—whether it be gold, silver, or any other material—is sleek and provides an interesting look.

Two-Tone Ring

This style mixes metals for something different yet stylish.

Fingerprint Ring

A ring that displays the fingerprint of the groom’s spouse is a beautiful and touching way to show his love. The fingerprint can be on the inside or outside of the ring.

A Landscaped Ring

A ring with a picture on it is a cool way for a groom to display his favorite terrain. For instance, it’s trendy right now for wedding bands to have mountains etched onto them. You can also do the same for ocean waves.

Something Religious

Wedding bands that feature a religious symbol provide an interesting twist on this accessory. These are perfect for men who are passionate about their faith.

A Wooden Band

Wooden wedding bands are becoming more popular. They fit the groom with a more rustic sense of style.

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