What to Do with Your Veil after the Wedding

A bride wearing a blue dress and long veil blowing in the wind.

While you might be able to repurpose your wedding gown and wear some of your bridal accessories after the wedding, what do you do with your veil? It’s not as if you can just wear it out for a night on the town! Plus, veils are typically pricey, so it’s not surprising that you’re looking for ways to reuse it or at least do something functional with it rather than leave it hanging in your closet. We’ve come up with some easy and useful ideas on what to do with your veil after the wedding.

1. Preserve It

Considering your dress and veil were pretty much a package deal on your wedding day, you could always preserve your veil alongside your dress. This way, you can keep both memorable items as a keepsake for your future children or as an heirloom or potential bridal look for your daughter or granddaughter one day!

2. Sell It

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to sell your wedding veil for a little bit of profit. The best thing about selling a veil is that they are a lot easier to resell than a dress because women don’t have to be concerned with fit. If your veil is in good condition, consider selling it online. A lucky bride will be so glad you did!

3. Give it to Another Bride

A woman pinning a veil onto the head of a bride after her hair is styled.

This is probably the most obvious choice, but if you know someone in your friend or family circle who is getting married, then you could give your veil to her as her something “borrowed.” Consider the act as ‘paying it forward,’ which will make you feel good because she’ll more than likely be very grateful for your generosity. Plus, it’s better off being used again than not!

4. Keep it in a Shadow Box

A shadow box is a nice memento to make of your wedding day that can include some of your most memorable items from the event such as wedding invitations, personalized napkins or table cards, photos, or dried flowers from your bouquet. If you can get one large enough, you might also want to consider placing your veil inside to make for a nice decorative piece in your home or a keepsake.

5. Repurpose it as Keepsake Jewelry

It’s not necessary to keep your entire veil. In fact, if it’s easier, you might want to cut off pieces from it and preserve it as part of some handmade keepsake trinkets, like a locket or pendant. You could also do the same to recreate a pair of beautiful hanging earrings or a lovely charm bracelet.

6. Make it Sexy

A woman wearing a bridal veil.

Reignite the fire of your wedding night by wearing it along with your bridal lingerie and surprise your partner with a sexy reminder of your big night.

7. Keep it as a Costume

While it might not be the fanciest choice, you can also keep your veil to use as costume for future celebrations, like Halloween or any other fun dress-up parties.

8. Turn it into a Fascinator

If you’re creative and a seamstress, you can recreate your veil into a chic hair accessory, like a fascinator. You can trim it down, and using some fancy feathers and pearls you might be able to recreate a very Duchess Kate look for a stylish night out or even as a guest for another wedding.

9. Create a Memorable Picture

Similarly, you can also create a beautiful keepsake picture with pieces of your veil framed alone or along with bits of flowers from your bouquet as a memorable picture to hang in your home.

Not knowing what to do with your veil after the wedding is a pretty common conundrum. However, by using a little bit of creativity and ingenuity or a little generosity, you’ll be able to ensure that the memory of your veil and wedding can live on for many years to come.

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