66 Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ (Without Actually Saying It)

couple in love

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Hopefully you tell your spouse or betrothed on the daily that you love them, but sometimes it can be the easy way out, or words fall on deaf ears. From cooking her favorite dinner to being the first to apologize after an argument, here’s a list of 66 acts of service (in no particular order) you can do without saying a word to let your husband or wife know how much you care. For the ultimate challenge, complete this list with one action a day. You’ll be seeing hearts fly out of their eyes in no time.

1. Surprise her with a hug.

2. Hold hands with him.

3. Plant a garden of her favorite flowers.

4. Bake his favorite desert.

5. Cook her favorite dinner and have it waiting for when he or she comes home!)

6. Give him a shoulder rub.

7. Wash her car. (Bonus points if you detail the inside!)

8. Wash the dishes when it’s actually his turn.

9. Make her a homemade greeting card instead of buying one.

10. Write him a list of reasons why you love him.

11. Make her a playlist of meaningful or favorite songs.

12. Buy her flowers (for no reason!)

13. Serve him breakfast in bed.

14. Do all her laundry for the week.

15. Leave him a love note on the bathroom mirror for him to find in the morning.

16. Purchase them an item off his Amazon wish list.

17. Write her a love poem.

18. Plan a romantic walk or picnic outdoors.

19. Do his least favorite chore for a week.

20. Let her choose the music in the car.

21. Plan a vacation to a place he has always wanted to visit.

22. Make a photo album of your photos together.

23. Text her a heart emoji.

24. Write him an old-fashioned love letter.

25. Surprise her with an unplanned date night.

26. Prepare lunches she can take to work for the week.

27. Watch his favorite movie with them (and make the popcorn!)

28. Surprise her with a kiss.

29. Laugh at his jokes (even if they’re not funny.)

30. Compliment her.

31. Massage her feet after a long day.

32. Do the grocery shopping for the week.

33. Make him laugh.

34. DIY a gift for her instead of buying one.

35. Serve him a glass of their favorite beverage while they’re watching TV.

36. Draw her a warm bath and light the bathroom with candles.

37. Ask him how his day was (and really listen).

38. Schedule a professional massage for her.

39. Be the first to apologize.

40. Greet her with a hug and kiss when she comes home.

41. Pick up his dry cleaning.

42. Clean up after the pets for a week.

43. Make eye contact from across the room.

44. Offer her your jacket on a cold evening.

45. Be a shoulder to cry on.

46. Wait up for her to get home after a long night of work.

47. Admit when you’re wrong.

48. Let him have the last slice.

49. Make a status update about how much you appreciate her.

50. Make conversation with his parents.

51. Plan a weekly date night with no other commitments except each other.

52. Don’t start that argument.

53. Let him win the argument.

54. Ask him personal questions you don’t know the answers to.

55. Buy tickets to see her favorite musician perform.

56. Stock the kitchen with his favorite snacks for spontaneous cravings.

57. Invite her friends over and cook (or order) dinner for the group.

58. Make him coffee every morning.

59. Participate in one of her hobbies with them.

60. Get a pair of bikes so that you can ride around town together on the weekends.

61. Take him on a shopping spree at his favorite store.

62. Put your arm around her in social settings.

63. Surprise him with a phone call to see how his day is going.

64. Set a special mood for dinner every night with candles and soft music.

65. Let him have his favorite seat on the plane.

66. Open the door for her when she comes home.

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