7 Special Touches for a Marriage Proposal

A modern sign with the words "Will you?" and an engagement ring.

A wedding proposal is such an intimate and personal event in someone’s life. To commemorate the day, there are some personalized touches that can really take a special moment to the next level and make it an even more unforgettable moment. Here are seven ideas to incorporate into a marriage proposal.

1. A Card or Letter

It can be tough to get out all the words and sentiments you want to during a proposal, with so many emotions involved in that moment. It can also be really tough for your future spouse to take everything in themselves due to the shock and excitement of the moment. For that reason, it’s a great idea and a special personalized touch to write a card or letter to your future fiancé before or after the proposal. This way, everything you want to say is documented for her to enjoy forever.

2. A Personalized Ring Box

A pink ring box with a diamond ring in it.

Pick out a personalized ring box for your bride-to-be to give her with the engagement ring. This can have her initials on it—or what her initials will be after you tie the knot (if she plans to change her last name). Even if it’s not personalized, a pretty ring box is a great touch! Velvet ring boxes are trendy and quite beautiful. Plus, they look great in the detail wedding photos that your photographer will shoot on the big day.

3. Involve Family and Friends

If you choose to get more people involved, you can ask family members and friends to be a part of your proposal. This is based on personal preference, but involving loved ones could make a special moment even more special. You can either propose in front of these loved ones or have them at the ready to join in on the celebrations soon after the intimate moment of the actual proposal. If you want a way to involve family and friends without actually having them there, there are other options. For instance, you can have these loved ones write cards and letters of congratulations for the bride to read after the proposal occurs. Alternatively, you can have these loved ones record video messages to be listened to shortly after the proposal.

4. Play a Special Song

If the two of you have a special song that has a lot of meaning to you as a couple, have it playing during your proposal as another personalized touch. If you feel so inclined, you can even hire a musician to play it for you as something super memorable.

5. “Bride” Pajamas

A bride wearing a pair of blue silk pajamas accented with feathers.

Another fun way to personalize a proposal is to have monogrammed “Bride” pajamas ready for your future fiancé to wear the night of the proposal as her first night as a future bride. These will be a treasured set of pajamas that she’ll forever love and they make for great props in “getting ready” photos on the big day.

6. A Dated Picture Frame

A frame engraved with the date on it is a great personalized touch to give your future fiancé on the day of your proposal. This way, she can fill it with a picture from this momentous occasion to coordinate with this amazing memory.

7. A Pretty Ring Dish

Another useful item to gift your fiancé on the day of the proposal is a personalized or pretty ring dish she can use to stow her new bling while she showers, works out, or sleeps. This is an inexpensive item that makes the proposal that much more special, and it will get a lot of use.

Proposals are naturally intimate and personal, and these are some amazing ways to make the event that much more special. However, at the end of the day, you know your future spouse best and know what will be the most meaningful to them as you get down on one knee, so go with your gut!

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