8 Creative Holiday Proposal Ideas

A candycane with a pair of gold wedding rings

The holidays are a popular time for proposals, sometimes even called the “engagement season.” After all, it’s a charming and romantic time of year, with twinkling lights, snow falling, and everyone gathered together to celebrate the season. Since it’s the perfect time to propose, you may be thinking of popping the question this holiday season — and you may be looking for a unique and creative way to do it. Luckily, there’s no shortage of out-of-the-box ways to get down on one knee at this time of year. Here’s some ideas to spark your creativity!

1. Decorate a Tree

Instead of decorating your Christmas tree with traditional ornaments, turn it into a prop for your proposal. Write out your favorite memories as a couple or the things you love most about your partner and hang these items on the tree. For the star at the top, write “Will you marry me?” on it as the final touch. Then, surprise the love of your life with the unveiling of the tree and have the ring at the ready.

2. Create an Advent Calendar

Use an advent calendar to create a very special proposal centered around the countdown to the holidays. Behind each door, you can put a special surprise or a note about what you love about your girlfriend or boyfriend. Then, in the last box, the ring will be awaiting your future fiancé.

3. Throw a Winter Picnic

A woman proposing on a rooftop with a red blanket around her and her girlfriend.

Although it’s not the most traditional time for a picnic, take advantage of the charm of the holiday season, outdoor decorations, and even a snowy day to set up an outdoor picnic to use as the setting for your romantic proposal. Have blankets, hot spiced cider or hot chocolate, and warm food to enjoy together in a picturesque setting. This will present the perfect opportunity for an intimate proposal as you enjoy one another’s company.

4. Involve Carolers

Everyone loves the songs of the holiday season, so why not involve them in a romantic proposal? Enlist the help of a caroling group to surprise your future fiancé and serenade them with a favorite holiday tune. Then, drop down on one knee at the conclusion of the song and pop the question. This surprise will go from good to great in no time!

5. Decorate a Cookie

A pair of gingerbread men and heart cookies.

The holidays are definitely a perfect time to indulge in some sweets, especially your favorite holiday cookies. Take one of these confections and turn it into a sweet proposal. A gingerbread man or beautifully decorated holiday cookie that poses the question “Will you marry me?” or one in the shape of a diamond ring will get the message across perfectly.

6. Use Snow Paint

If the ground is coated with a layer of snow, it could be the perfect opportunity for a unique proposal. Use snow paint to write the big question in the snow somewhere your partner is sure to see it. Lead her outside (blindfolded for extra suspense!) and show her your work of snow art. Then, present her with the ring and celebrate! If you don’t have any snow paint or don’t feel like whipping any up, you can instead write it in the snow by indentation, which creates a similar effect.

7. Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater

A man proposing in front of a Christmas tree.

If your future spouse has a good sense of humor, take advantage of that and do something funny for your holiday proposal. Have an ugly Christmas sweater with the question “Will you marry me?” and wear it as a funny and festive way to pop the question.

8. Use The Elf on the Shelf

Use the ever-popular Elf on the Shelf to surprise your loved one with a ring. Put your elf somewhere strategic and have it holding the ring. This will be such a cute and fun surprise for your significant other to stumble upon!

No matter how you ask your future spouse to spend the rest of their life with you, it is bound to be special and memorable. These are just some of the creative ways to use the holiday season to create the perfect proposal.

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