Creative Ways to Commemorate an Elopement

A couple holding hands in front of an ivy-covered wall.

Since there have been so many couples who have had to alter wedding plans due to the quarantine, many habits around weddings have changed for the time being, including that many couples have chosen to elope rather than reschedule their big weddings. Since this time makes it tough to do the things we may consider “normal,” couples who opted to elope may be having trouble thinking of how to safely commemorate their recently exchanged vows. Here’s some ideas of how to mark this special personal moment amidst the crazy world around us.

Create an Elopement Website for Friends and Family

In order to fill family members and friends in on your elopement, create a website to commemorate it, wedding website style. You can post the details of your elopement as well as any photos for friends and family to enjoy. The site can also have a virtual guestbook where your loved ones can leave special messages of congratulations. Not only is this a fun commemoration, but it’s also a great way to give your loved ones information in one central place, as you may be fielding a lot of questions about your marriage ceremony.

Put Together a Time Capsule

An embroidered handkerchief tied around a bridal bouquet.

A fun way to commemorate an elopement is to create a time capsule for it. Include items like a newspaper from the day you eloped, or other historical markers of this time period. Include photos and maybe even some pressed flowers from the event. You can really go all out with this by creating a decorative box to put the time capsule in, being sure to mark when it should be opened—usually in five to 10 years. Tuck it away in a closet somewhere you’ll remember when it’s time to open in and relive your wedding day memories.

Commission a Portrait

To commemorate an elopement, get a custom portrait that can hang in your home and you can enjoy every day. There are so many avenues to pursue with this one, from a watercolor to a fun and goofy caricature. Find one to match your style as a couple! Etsy is filled with artists who can create these for you, such as the shop Sentimental Reasons, which makes custom posters for couples celebrating a union.

Learn to Cook a New Meal Together

A young couple cooking a meal together.

To celebrate this special time, learn how to cook a delicious meal with your new spouse that you can recreate on anniversaries or whenever you want to remember your wedding day. Head over to Pinterest or your favorite cookbook for some inspiration, put your aprons on, and hit the kitchen! (Also mix in a yummy cocktail that you can use to toast your recently exchanged vows.) Just the simple act of cooking together can be a fun activity, so this is bound to be both special and enoyable.

Create a Video with Relationship Highlights

A video of your relationship from start to finish is a great way to commemorate your elopement and is a special keepsake. You don’t have to be a professional video editor to create this, either. You can simply combine photos into a video slideshow and perhaps set it to your favorite songs! This is a fun memento to watch occasionally to remember this special time of your life together. You can even add to this video as time goes on and you collect more photos, making it somewhat of a virtual scrapbook.

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