How to Beat the Post-Wedding Blues

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Once your wedding day comes to an end, it’s normal to feel a bit of sadness. The let-down of such a huge event being over after all the planning, waiting, and excitement can be quite the downer. Some refer to this phenomenon as the “post-wedding blues.” If you’re recently married and have fallen victim to these feelings or are soon getting married and are wondering how you will combat them, see below for some tactics.

Start a Newlyweds Bucket List

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A fun thing to do with your new spouse is to start a bucket list together. Not only does it give you a bunch of fun activities to experience and enjoy with one another, but it’s also something to work towards over time. This could include date nights you want to have together, places to visit, and things to accomplish as a couple. You can set a time-frame for it, such as things to do over the first year of marriage, or leave it more open-ended.

Write Vendor Reviews

Once your wedding and honeymoon is over, take some time to write reviews for your wedding vendors. Not only is this a great way to relieve every moment of your magical day, but it’s also a nice thing to do for your vendors, as every positive review helps their business. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment after you finish writing your reviews and you’ll feel good for helping these businesses thrive.

Create a Wedding Photo Album

If you have your wedding photos back from your photographer, it’s the perfect time to create a wedding album. This will allow you, again, to relive your special day moment by moment. It’s also a great way to create a memento that you’ll treasure for a long time to come. If you don’t have your professional pictures back, consider creating a honeymoon album if you already took your trip, using the photos you took yourself during your travels.

Indulge in Self-Care

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When you’re not feeling your best physically or emotionally, it’s always important to take good care of yourself. Whether it be meditation, working out, face masks, a massage, or a relaxing bubble bath, make yourself feel pampered enough to lift the spirits.

Plan a Delayed Honeymoon

If you haven’t yet gone on your honeymoon, planning a delayed trip after your wedding is a wonderful way to combat the post-wedding blues. It gives you something exciting to look forward to and the act of planning an epic trip in and of itself is exciting.

Start a New Project

Planning a wedding is quite the project, and likely took up a lot of your time when you were doing it. After your wedding is over, your time can suddenly feel very free. For that reason, it could be helpful to start some type of new project to fill your time and take your mind off of the post-wedding blues. Consider learning a new skill, volunteering with a charity, or undertaking a home organization or improvement project. This will keep your mind and hands busy.

Plan Your First Anniversary

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Although it may seem like quite a ways off right after your wedding, before you know it your first anniversary will be upon you. Use this time to plan something fun to look forward to for that milestone anniversary as a fun distraction.

Have a Family Party

Take time after your wedding is over to get together with loved ones as a way to combat the post-wedding blues. It will provide a great time to relive your big event together, swapping stories and sharing what photos everyone took on the big day.

Dive into a Good Book

There’s nothing more enticing than escaping reality altogether when we’re feeling down. After your wedding ends is the perfect time to dive into a good book that will transport you to an entirely different place. As the pages turn, you’ll find your spirits lifted and your mind relaxed.

Don’t let the post-wedding blues get you down. Even though your big day is over, there’s still lots to be happy about and many ways to fill your time.

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