How to Honeymoon with Kids

A family on their honeymoon beach vacation.

It might not seem like the most romantic idea at first, but taking one’s kids on the honeymoon is not that uncommon. Perhaps you can’t find a babysitter or just refuse to leave anyone behind; there are many reasons why couples are opting for a joint honeymoon with their little ones.

The good news is that having your kids around doesn’t have to ruin the experience. In fact, most couples that choose to take their children end up enjoying the honeymoon even more! For step-families, it can be a great way to bond.

We all know that vacations with children can be stressful, and stress is the last thing you need on your postnuptial holiday. So, if you’re looking for some advice on how to make the most of your family honeymoon, we’ve got a few useful tips for you.

Choose the Right Venue

A family at the pool on their vacation.

Where you go and where you stay will make a huge difference when children are involved. This is why it’s important to look for a child-friendly hotel (or cruise). For obvious reasons, an all-inclusive option is even better.

There are many resorts that offer kid-friendly activities and sometimes even babysitting services. However, they may not be open to very young children, such as those under three years old or who are not potty-trained.

On a broader scale, think of the destination as well. You don’t want to go somewhere that’s too unfamiliar as that may lead to additional problems. If you’re not comfortable with a language barrier or cultural clashes, you might want to rethink your travel plans if you have kids to look out for. Likewise, you might want to avoid taking a flight halfway around the world, as children are less likely to tolerate this with a good mood.

Don’t Downgrade

Remind yourself that it’s your honeymoon. Just because your kids are with you, doesn’t mean it has to be yet another family vacation. Make sure you plan the trip in a way that keeps things special.

For example, splurge on a fancy dinner (so pack some dressy outfits for the kids). Upgrade to a more luxurious resort. Do something fun and out of the ordinary, and make it a memorable experience for everyone.

Travel in Complete Comfort

Although connecting flights might save you a buck or two, they can be a hassle for your children. So, if possible, try to book direct. The only exception is if you have a really long flight and think they might need to burn off some energy in between.

Plan ahead for the details as well by packing plenty of entertainment to keep the little ones occupied and snacks in case they don’t like the airline cuisine.

If you want to go the extra mile, surprise your kids with a small gift bag of goodies once on the plane (or car, or train). Alternatively, let them pick out a toy from the airport gift shop before you board.

Schedule Some Personal Time

A young couple underneath sheets on their honeymoon.

It’s highly recommended to schedule some one-on-one time with your spouse. It is your honeymoon, after all, so spend at least one romantic evening alone!

In addition to one night all to yourselves, many couples who travel with kids opt for a two-bedroom suite on a family honeymoon. It’s a small price to pay for a bit of privacy and your kids will likely enjoy things more as well.

Keep in mind that most resorts (especially child-friendly ones) offer babysitting services, so do inquire ahead of time on how to arrange that. Or, if you have a friend or family member you trust, consider paying for their trip in exchange for them watching your kids once in a while. But, if you do that, choose someone who doesn’t mind being independent, as you don’t want someone to be constantly intruding on your family time.

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