How to Increase Your Confidence in the Bedroom

A woman wearing white lingerie and laying on a bed.

You may find that your confidence in the bedroom is waning for one reason or another, or it could be something that you’ve always wanted to improve. Whether it be with your spouse, fiancé, or significant other, it’s normal to lack confidence sexually. However, rest assured that there are an abundance of ways to increase your self-assurance and in turn improve your romantic relationship overall.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

A young woman looking at herself in the mirror.

The first step to increasing your confidence in the bedroom is to stop comparing yourself to others, how they look, and what their sex lives may be like (because let’s face it—nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors). Make it a point to nip this pesky habit in the bud because it only serves to make you feel worse about yourself.

Start with Things You’re Confident In

If you’re new in your attempt to gain confidence in the bedroom, start by performing sexual acts that you’re familiar and already comfortable with before moving into new territory with your partner. Once you have more experience doing these things, you’ll have more confidence overall and will be able to move onto trying more adventurous things between the sheets.

Talk Openly About Sex with Your Partner

The more you can easily communicate with your partner about sex, the more confident you’ll be in the bedroom. Even if it may feel awkward at first, it’ll soon become natural and easy to talk about sex. Discuss what you like best, what you don’t—and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want!

Maintain Self-Care Rituals

A young woman exercising in her living room.

Your body image plays a large role in fostering confidence in the bedroom. Focusing on self-care can do wonders for increasing said confidence. After all, the happier you feel in your skin, the more confident you’ll feel engaging in physical and intimate activities with your significant other. Exercise regularly, eat well, drink enough water, and take good care of your mental health, too.

Focus on Your Favorite Body Parts

Even if you don’t love every inch of your body—and let’s face it, no one does—there are surely parts of it that you do love. Whether you really dig your legs or have great cheekbones, focus on these attributes in order to help you gain confidence in your whole appearance.

Invest in Lingerie that Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

Expanding your intimates drawer with some new lingerie will certainly help boost your confidence. Wear lingerie that makes you feel sexy and empowered. This will do wonders for your sex life—and your partner is sure to love it, too!

Create Your Own Personal Mantra

Especially when you’re feeling less-than-bold when it comes to your body and sexuality, having a personal mantra to repeat to yourself is helpful. Something like “I am beautiful” or “I know what I want during sex” to repeat to yourself over and over is a good message. The more you remind yourself of it, the sooner you’ll believe it and, in turn, believe in yourself.

Laugh it Off

A couple laughing in bed.

When you try new things in bed that just may not be your forte, don’t let these moments get you down. Instead of feeling embarrassed, laugh it off with your partner. Chances are, it’ll become a funny inside joke and it won’t have to be something that deters you in bed in general.

Share Your Feelings with Your Partner

Getting all your insecurities out on the table with your significant other is a good way to actually feel more secure in them. Have an honest conversation with your partner about any hang-ups you have surrounding your sex life and you’re bound to feel more confident right away.

Explore Your Own Body

Exploring your own body and becoming more comfortable with it is a great way to be more self-assured when you are with your partner in the bedroom. Explore all of your curves and take time to figure out what you like best in order to confidently portray that to your partner while you’re in the act.

There are so many ways to ramp up your confidence level during sex, and taking even just a few of these measures will have you feeling fearless in the bedroom in no time.

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