How to Support a Friend Who Has to Postpone Their Wedding

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With so many couples postponing their weddings during this time of uncertainty, there is more than enough disappointment and stress going on for spring and summer brides. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown curve balls as far as scheduling is concerned, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go the extra mile to support friends and loved ones who have had to make tough decisions about their upcoming nuptials. There are a range of things that you can do from the comfort of your own home to bring a smile to these couples’ faces.

Purchase Something from Their Registry

A simple thing that will serve as a wonderful surprise to a couple who recently had to postpone their wedding is to peruse their registry and send them a gift. Even if it’s just a kitchen utensil or something else inexpensive, this small act is sure to brighten their day.

Host a Virtual Happy Hour

Get a group of friends together and suggest a Zoom happy hour in order to boost the spirits of a couple who is forced to move their upcoming wedding date. You can even take this happy hour to the next level by posing questions ahead of time for your friends to answer about the couple, such as how everyone met them, what their best memory of the couple is, and when they knew that the couple was meant to be. Some human interaction, laughs, and reminiscing about good memories will be welcome.

Send a Handwritten Card

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It’s easy to forget just how meaningful a handwritten card that arrives via snail mail can be. Write a card to the couple recognizing what they’re going through and voicing your support and excitement for their wedding day and union, whenever it’s set to occur. This is another small and simple measure that will go a long way.

Offer to Help with Wedding Details

Changing up a wedding date involves a lot of moving pieces and can be quite overwhelming. Even once the venue date is settled, the couple still needs to reschedule with the rest of their vendors, so offer to make calls or help alert guests however you can. The extra hand will surely be appreciated.

Honor their Original Wedding Date

To commemorate the day when your friends were supposed to tie the knot, send them a gift honoring that date. This could be something simple like a framed copy of their invitation, a ring dish, or a vase with the date on it. This will be something they’ll treasure forever and they’ll definitely appreciate the recognition.

Provide a Healthy Distraction

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Chances are that the postponed wedding is occupying quite a bit of your friend’s headspace right now. To keep them from getting too down in the dumps, provide some healthy distractions. Offer to do a virtual workout together with your friend or send them a good book to read that you can discuss afterwards. Getting their mind off their wedding will provide some relief from a tough situation.

Be a Good Listener

Sometimes, we all need to vent. Your friend probably needs someone to listen to them talk about their frustrations and concerns. Be a good listener and offer your support, but don’t inundate them with questions about the situation. Also, be careful that you don’t express any judgment surrounding your friend’s decisions regarding their wedding plans, as it’s their unique experience. During these conversations, give your undivided attention so that they know you care and are really listening to them.

Send Messages of Love

Get friends together to send messages of love and support to the couple that had to postpone their wedding. This can be easily done online with programs like Trello or even Google Docs. Encourage everyone to include photos or other media to make the document more fun and engaging.

All of these gestures are thoughtful and meaningful ways to show your support to a bride and groom going through a tough time. Show your love and care by going the extra mile for a friend in need.

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