Socially Distanced Ways to Celebrate an Engagement

A man getting down on one knee for a proposal against a sunset.

Celebrating an engagement is such an exciting moment in anyone’s life, and the family members of those celebrating the impending marriage also love to commemorate this milestone. However, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, gathering as groups can be difficult and might not be the safest option for every couple. This means that more traditional celebrations may be out the window, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate at all. There are plenty of ways to celebrate from a social distance to mark this special occasion!

Find Special Ways to Tell Family Members

One way to celebrate your engagement is to find special ways to tell your loved ones the big news one at a time. This gives each person some one-on-one time with the couple of the hour. You can tell them the story of how the proposal happened, talk about what you’re thinking for wedding plans, and show off the ring. Do this over video chat or in-person if you feel comfortable and safe doing so. They’ll love receiving the news in a personalized fashion!

Host a Virtual Game Night

Make your engagement celebration into a game night! If you’re feeling really creative, create a game for your loved ones to guess your big news, creating clues to present to them virtually. This will be such a fun and memorable way to announce your engagement from a social distance. Plus, everyone loves a game and this is a great way to get everyone together, even if it’s virtual!

Host a Virtual Happy Hour

A couple on a Happy Hour video call with their family.

Share in the news together and set up a virtual happy hour with all of your loved ones to toast to your big news. You can set up happy hours with multiple groups of family members and friends so that you have the chance to really chat with everyone in attendance. Everyone will be dying to hear how the question was popped, to see the ring, and to catch up in general, so this is the perfect socially distanced method of doing so. You can even ask everyone to share their favorite memory of you guys as a couple or how they knew that you’d be together forever if you want, which would be fun to hear from all your loved ones.

Host a Drive-By Celebration

A drive-by celebration is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion and it allows you to see everyone you love from a safe distance. These events can be really fun, and they can be held at your home or someone else’s. If they’re held at someone else’s, it could be fun to have them set up a station of grab-and-go snacks, beverages, and even a write-up on your engagement story. Ask those participating in the drive-by celebration to make signs, play fun music, and honk their horns as they drive past the designated location to make it even more fun and festive.

Enjoy with Just the Two of You

A young couple sitting on an outside deck wearing warm cothing.

To keep your celebration more intimate and definitely social distanced, celebrate just the two of you in a romantic setting. Plan a special date night where you reflect on your recent engagement and your relationship. Even from home, there are so many fun date ideas, like a movie night, cooking night together, or game night.

Create a Photo Collage for Sharing

Create a picture collage to share with your loved ones to showcase your engagement. Include pictures of your ring, pictures of the two of you together, and pictures of you as a couple throughout your entire relationship. Also be sure to share any pictures of specialized touches that were involved in your engagement. You can share this virtually and then afterwards, you’ll always enjoy having it as a memento to commemorate such a special time in your life.

While celebrations certainly may look a bit different than they used to, that doesn’t mean they can’t happen! Use these examples or any other creative ways of celebrating from a social distance to enjoy such a special time in your life with those who mean the most to you.

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