Why You May Want to Start Therapy Before Getting Married

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Getting married is a huge step in anyone’s life, prompting not only happiness and excitement, but a wide range of other emotions, thoughts, and feelings. In order to wrangle what you’re feeling and to go into your marriage with a clear mind, you may want to consider going to therapy before taking this major life step.

Therapy for You Personally

You may want to go to therapy by yourself before you get married for a variety of reasons.

You’re Facing a Big Change

As mentioned above, getting married is a big change in anyone’s life! It can be hard to process this change on a personal level in between all the excitement and chaos of planning a wedding. Going to therapy to work through how you’re processing this change can help you sort through these feelings and will ensure that you’re ready to face this new part of your relationship in the best possible frame of mind.

You Feel Overwhelmed

Planning a wedding is not for the faint of heart. There are so many decisions to make, so many people that want to be involved in the process, and so many tasks to cross off your list. On top of that, you have the rest of your likely busy life to deal with. It’s no surprise that this time in your life could prove to be overwhelming, and a therapist could be a great resource to help you balance it all.

You’re Highly Emotional

Getting engaged and planning to tie the knot can bring up a lot of emotions for anyone, which is another great reason to go to therapy. This time in your life could prove to be the perfect chance to explore how other relationships in your life have affected you up until now and to work with a therapist in managing your emotions during what’s naturally an emotionally charged time.

Couples Therapy

A couple in therapy holding hands.

Another option at this time is to go to couple’s therapy to prepare for your upcoming marriage. Even if your relationship is going great, there are reasons you may want to consider this before you say “I do.”

Making Joint Decisions

Once you’re officially married, you’ll feel more responsibility to make decisions as a couple. For instance, where to live, when and if to have children, questions surrounding jobs, religion, and so on. Seeing a therapist and talking about how you’ll approach and discuss these decisions will set you up for success and really get you thinking more in that teamwork point of view.

Getting it all Off Your Chest

Wedding planning can be stressful for couples and may even lead to a few fights along the way. Differing opinions and visions, the desire to please family members, and the cost of a wedding all tend to cause some tension during the process. A therapist can help couples work through these issues and to get if all off your chests, making it easier to sort through issues with a neutral party who can offer an unbiased point of view in resolving these issues.

Moving Forward with a Blank Slate

As you embark on the next stage of your relationship, it feels nice to move forward with a clean slate. Talking with a therapist about any issues that have been recurring or lingering in your relationship can help you to feel like you’re truly turning the page on your relationship and moving forward with clear minds and a totally fresh start.

Seeing a therapist, whether it’s as a couple or on your own, is a great way to deal with feelings, face new change, and to generally improve your mood and mental health. Even if you don’t feel like you’re facing anything difficult or problematic, seeing a therapist and building that relationship is still a worthwhile experience as you move into a whole new part of your life.

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