Your Newlywed Sex Bucket List

A couple laying on the bed together and laughing.

Your wedding day is all about true love, lifelong devotion, and happily ever after. But it’s also about something else—something your grandma and parents probably don’t want to discuss. That’s right, we’re talking about sex. The moment you leave your weding reception, it’s understood by everyone present that you and your beloved are going to be busy.

In the “good ol’ days,” your wedding night was (meant to be) a couple’s first intimate experience with one another. But these days, many couples date or live together for a while before tying the knot. This can make the wedding night—and the honeymoon period that follows—feel…well, like any other Saturday.

How can you make your newlywed sex life feel special and new? Here are a few fun ideas!

“Christen” Your Home

A newlywed couple kissing in the kitchen.

Your wedding day is the start of a new chapter in your life with your sweetheart. For some, this life change also comes with other big changes—like moving into a new house. If you and your spouse are moving house after the honeymoon, this is the perfect time to set a new goal: have sex in every room!

Even if you’re coming back to the same place you lived before becoming newlyweds, you can get in on this fun little challenge. After all, you’ve never messed around in these rooms as a married couple! Get creative and find some new spots to get busy.

Try Some Sexy Media

I know what you’re thinking: everyone already does that! You’re not entirely wrong; an estimated 40 million people regularly watch porn in the United States alone, and many couples watch x-rated content together as foreplay. However, I’m not just talking about firing up the TV on the couch together. I’m talking about engaging with sexy art in a new way.

Visit an erotic art exhibit. Read a bodice-ripping romance novel to each other. If you’re feeling creative, try painting each other (either on canvas or with body paint) or writing down some fantasies. Engaging in sexy activities—even ones that don’t involve getting horizontal—can be a great way to turn up the heat in your relationship.

Go for a Marathon Sesh

A newlywed couple on their honeymoon in a tropical pool.

Most couples take a honeymoon after their wedding day. This is a beautiful time for newlyweds. You get to enjoy beautiful scenery and take a break from the day-to-day drudgery—as long as you’re honeymooning, your only obligation is to love your partner. So, why not make a day of it?

Challenge yourself and your partner to REALLY take your time together. Slow down the foreplay, try out some tantric techniques, do anything you can to make the experience last. This will help you rediscover what you love about each other (plus, it’s just really fun).

Role Play

Think back to every rom-com you’ve ever seen in which a couple gets cold feet. Whether it’s the bride, the groom, or both parties who panic before the wedding day, their panicked thought is always the same:

“Is [so-and-so] the last person I’m EVER going to sleep with?!?!”

Firstly, this idea is reductive, and it portrays marriage as a sexually-repressive prison (it’s not). But secondly, there’s no reason to worry about never having a “new partner”—role playing exists! Dress up, try out a new accent, and let your imagination run wild with your partner. It’ll feel like a new encounter, but you’ll still have the love of your life when you’re done.

Up Your Lingerie Game

A woman sitting on a bed in lingerie.

You probably got a few pieces of flirty underwear from your girlfriends at the bachelorette party. Or maybe you received a few gift cards or cash gifts from your wedding guests. Why not hit up your favorite intimates shop? Your wedding is a special (and sexy) occasion, and that calls for some new lingerie!

Grab some special lingerie for the wedding night, a cute piece or two for the honeymoon, and maybe one for your first night back at home. A few stunning sets will make your partner’s jaw drop, and they’ll make you feel extra gorgeous and confident, too!

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