10 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Sex Life

A man in bed on his laptop while a woman sleeps next to him.

One of the most important parts of any relationship or marriage is that sense of intimacy associated with your sex life. And while everyone would like to think that this part of their relationship will always remain hot and fun, that doesn’t mean there won’t be some dry spells. However, you should do what you can to keep your sex life abundant for the happiness of you and your partner and for the health of your relationship. Nix some common habits you may have that are—perhaps to your surprise—ruining your sex life.

1. Working from Bed

It can be hard to get away from work, and working from home on personal time is becoming more and more common. However, bringing your work to bed can really make it hard to get in the mood. To keep your sex life in good shape, keep your room and bed a place associated with romance and love rather than emails and work.

2. Drinking too Much Caffeine

A woman in bed holding up a coffee cup.

Everyone loves their morning cup of joe, but if you’re going overboard with the caffeine, you may be unknowingly killing your sex drive. This is because caffeine can mess with your hormones, causing your body to produce more stress hormones and less of those that influence a strong libido.

3. Eating too Much

Overeating can do more than give you a tummy ache. In fact, overindulging or eating too late at night can reduce energy levels and make individuals feel bad about themselves. This reduces the chances of desire later on that evening, making this a bad habit for your sex life.

4. Drinking too Much Alcohol

A group of people toasting with champagne.

Having that extra glass of wine with dinner could be a habit that’s putting your sex life at risk. That’s because drinking too much can make you tired, groggy, or even cranky, which can totally kill your passion. Keep the alcohol to a moderate amount in order to stay in the mood.

5. Having Mundane Conversations in Bed

Being in a marriage means that you’ll have a wealth of boring conversations each day. These may be about work, schedules, errands, or what’s for dinner. Keep these outside of your bedroom as they’re pretty un-sexy in nature and likely won’t put you in the mood.

6. Sleeping with Your Pet

A man and woman in bed looking at their dog.

Allowing a furry friend to sleep in bed with you and your partner could be killing your sex life. Couples are simply less likely to be intimate if their pet is in bed with them. Pets can sense tension among their owners, which in turn can cause tension for them. Since sex is a great tension reliever, remember that taking time away from your pet to enjoy your partner’s company is also good for your dog or cat!

7. Watching the News from Bed

Watching the news from bed could really kill the mood. The news can be downright depressing at times and may therefore be having a negative effect on your sex life by decreasing your desire or putting you in a negative headspace.

8. Hitting the Gym too Often (Or Not Enough)

A woman sitting on a gym floor surrounded by equipment.

While a moderate amount of exercise has a positive effect on your sex life, too many high intensity workouts can actually destroy your sex drive. Not exercising at all will also have an adverse effect. Find a healthy balance when it comes to hitting the gym to put you in the mood for sex.

9. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Not enough z’s could be the culprit behind a lackluster sex drive. When you lack in the sleep department, changes in hormone levels cause a decrease in libido. Plus, a lack of sleep will make you feel awful, which likely means you won’t be in the mood to be intimate with your partner.

10. Being on Your Phone in Bed

A couple in bed facing away from each other on their phones.

Taking your phone to bed with you is a habit that’s sure to decrease your likelihood of having regular sex. Having your phone in bed with you will serve as only a distraction. You’ll end up on social media or playing a game instead of connecting with your partner when you should be.

Don’t let these bad habits ruin your sex life. Treasure that connection with your partner and do what you can to keep life in the bedroom exciting!

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