4 Firsts of Married Life to Look Forward To

A young married couple sitting on the dock of a lake with fall trees in the background.

The wedding is over, so what’s next? It’s time to dive into life as a married couple. There’s so many firsts to look forward to as a newly married couple. Even if you’ve already lived together, have celebrated many holidays together, or know what it’s like to be together most of the time, after you’re actually married, it’s all just different in a strange, yet exciting, way. Here’s a list of some of the firsts you have to look forward to as a married couple.

1. Your First Christmas

No matter if you’ve spent five holidays together or none, the first married holiday begins a tradition. You need to decide before you jump into it if you’re going to rotate each year between families or stay in the same place every year. This can cause a fight—or it might be easy sailing. Many times it’s a tug-of-war between each set of parents as they each want you with them, but you just can’t be two places at once. If you want to start an entirely new tradition, you may want to consider having everyone over to your house. The first holiday season together as a married couple may also mean things like getting matching stockings, decorating your Christmas tree together, and watching holiday movies. You have a blank slate, so paint it any way you want for the holiday season!

2. Decorating and Organizing Your First Home

A young couple sitting on the floor next to painting supplies and a patch of yellow paint on the wall.

Some couples live together before they get married, while others choose to move into their first place together after marriage. It’s a fun new adventure choosing a new home together and decorating it with your combined styles. It may be crazy as you find out things about your spouse’s design choices that you never knew before. You might be surprised at their knack for decorating…or you may have to gently tell them a wall of neon signs isn’t going to happen. Whatever you do, respect each other’s decisions when it comes to the new home. Find a happy medium that fits both of you and go from there. As you walk over the threshold to your new home together, smile thinking of all of the memories that will be made in this space.

3. “That” First Big Question

This might not be something you exactly look forward to, but it’s probably something you can expect from at least a few people: “When are you going to have kids?” The tricky thing about this question is you should definitely be on the same page about whether or not you’re having kids. Know that people aren’t trying to be rude or pushy—it’s just something people ask married couples. (It never stops, either. After your first child, they’ll just want to know when the next one is coming.) Laugh it off and just tell the people asking those crazy questions that you’re just enjoying one another at this time—unless, of course, you feel comfortable discussing this topic with them in detail!

4. Your First Married Vacation

A newlywed couple on vacation in Europe standing by the sea and looking up at colorful buildings.

Your first married vacation may be your honeymoon, or it might be in the months to come after your wedding. Either way, one of the most fun things to do as a married couple is get away together. Escaping from your everyday lives together is important for your relationship. When it’s just the two of you on vacation, you’re able to put away the honey-do lists and just hang out together. There’s no mother-in-law trying to redo your new kitchen cabinet organization or spouse’s best friend staying over way too late on the weekend. Your first time away as a married couple will help you remember why you fell in love.

Marriage is about having a teammate for life and pretty much every activity, whether that’s watching TV or going on a huge vacation. Being newlyweds will bring you many opportunities to build that relationship with your new teammate and relish each other’s company. You may think you know everything about them before marriage, but the learning never stops. You’ll find out some quirks like how they use the last of the toothpaste. You may even find out that you need more time alone than you thought. Enjoy the silence together and enjoy the loudness together. It’s all an adventure as long as you are together.

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