6 Outrageous Aphrodisiacs You’ve Never Heard Of

A bottle of red love potion with smoke around the top.

We’ve all heard that oysters and dark chocolate can boost our sex drives. Avocados and asparagus are also said to be effective. But what about less common food items, or items that aren’t really food at all? In ancient Egypt, people would eat wine-soaked lilies as an aphrodisiac, but many of the items on this list don’t sound quite as beautiful as a perfumed flower. Sex is a powerful motivator—but is it motivator enough to eat something like you’d see on Fear Factor?!

1. Snake Venom

You might have heard of people drinking cobra blood—but drinking the venom of a snake? Much more impressive. Needless to say, this route is not for the faint of heart. Whether you want to up your libido, your potency, or the pleasure you’ll derive from sex, various types of venom could be an excellent option. Just like the Spanish fly, snake venom works as an aphrodisiac due to the reaction your body has from the various toxins found in the venom. Another avenue for ingesting this is via “snake wine,” made by placing a snake in rice wine—with other snakes, turtles, or insects—and letting it sit for months until it’s ready to take shots of.

2. Sperm Whale Vomit

A group of three sperm whales swimming in the ocean.

Also known as ambergris, this tantalizing treat is basically sperm whale vomit. It looks kind of like a rock, and can weigh more than 100 pounds. Look for it during a beach stroll or while swimming in the ocean. It used to be used for a variety of applications including medicine and as a way to make perfume last longer. If used before intimacy, just make sure you both brush your teeth before it kicks in.

3.The Spanish Fly

If knocking back a blister beetle (the name Spanish Fly is a bit misleading) seems like something you’d do for a better love life, then try this insect on for size. The notable thing about this aphrodisiac is that it functions by putting toxins into your body, which make you feel a little hot and bothered. The inflammation—remember how fly bites become puffed up?—works great for ramping up blood to different areas of the body.

4. Leaf Cutter Ants

A leaf cutter ant.

These ants are traditionally gifted to a couple on their wedding night in Columbia and other countries in South America. (This practice has been going on for at least 500 years!) Once the legs and wings are taken off the insects, you roast them. They’re great for a little protein boost before a session in the sack! Purchase leaf cutter ants from street vendors in Columbia, where they’re sold in the spring after harvest time. Some restaurants also sell “ant bread” or “ant filet mignon!”

5. Tuna

Yes, tuna is an aphrodisiac. It may not be the sexiest of the bunch, but unlike others on this list it’s actually edible, affordable, and readily available. What more could you want? The chemical element selenium in the fish increases sperm count for the guys, and has been shown to improve moods in both genders. You may just want to add some of this chicken of the sea to your grocery list.

6. Bird’s Nest Soup

Bird nest soup in a yellow Asian bowl.

This type of bird nest isn’t made from what you may think. Instead of twigs, think spit. That’s right! A type of bird in Southeast Asia, known as a swiftlet, spits onto cave walls where the saliva hardens into a firm cup of sorts that can then house the bird’s eggs. Chinese traditional medicine claims these nests are great for stoking the fire, and in a soup the bland flavor can easily be spiced up. But get ready to break out your wallet—the nests can go for nearly a thousand dollars per pound. (It takes a lot of effort to harvest them.) But it’s all worth it for heightened sexual pleasure, right?

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