7 Married Sex Life Myths, Busted!

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Once you tie the knot, it’s easy to think that so much in your relationship will suddenly change. After all, this is such a large life event that it’s hard to imagine you won’t feel different once you’re on the other side of your wedding. However, you may be surprised to find that in many cases, not a lot changes once you say your “I do’s.” With that being said, there are an abundance of married sex myths out there that frequently circulate. Learn the truth behind these myths before you disprove them yourself.

1. Scheduled Sex Isn’t Fun

One commonly believed myth is that after you get married and you start to pencil in time in your schedule to have sex, it becomes boring. This simply is not the case. Having a dedicated time to connect with your partner gives you something to look forward to and can help you get into a healthy routine of regularly being intimate with your spouse. Plus, just because sex is “scheduled” doesn’t mean it’s the same every time, and it certainly doesn’t have to be boring.

2. Wedding Night Sex Is Wild

It’s been a long-held myth that everyone has crazy sex the night of their wedding. While some people certainly may, many other couples just do not. Truthfully, a wedding is such an exhausting event and presents such a long day for a couple that there’s a chance they don’t have sex at all the night that they tie the knot. Don’t place too much importance on this if you’re getting married soon. You should do what you feel comfortable with and don’t let this myth place unrealistic expectations on the end of your beautiful day.

3. Your Spouse Won’t Be As Attracted to You

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Many wrongly believe that after you’re married, your spouse won’t be as attracted to you anymore. Many believe this particularly once time begins to pass and you start to age or even put on a few pounds. However, this is another myth that remains untrue. Couples that have been together can remain attracted to each other and take comfort in how well they know each other both physically and emotionally.

4. Your Spouse Knows Everything You Like in Bed

Many believe that after you get married, your spouse knows all the tricks in the book to pleasure you when it comes to sex. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Even though you’re married, there’s still a lot of exploration left to do to understand what turns your partner on most and how you can best satisfy him or her.

5. You Won’t Have Time

Many worry that once they get married, sex won’t be a priority anymore and there won’t be adequate time for intimacy. That thought remains a myth. As long as you as a couple make it a priority to make time for sex despite a busy schedule, it will still be a big part of your life and relationship.

6. Sex Will Be Boring

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It’s definitely widely believed that after you get married, sex will be boring and uneventful and even somewhat of a chore. This is certainly not true, as sex can—and should be—just as exciting after exchanging vows as it was before. Once you’re married, you can still try new positions, experiment with what feels best, and learn more about your partner’s desires and body to keep the spark alive and to keep sex fun.

7. Married People Don’t Masturbate

A common misconception surrounding sex and marriage is that married couples no longer masturbate. This is untrue as even once you’re married, your sex drive is not guaranteed to always match up perfectly with your spouse’s. The ability to masturbate presents a solution to this problem.This is also a natural way for many individuals of experimenting sexually that does not disappear after walking down the aisle.

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