7 Reasons Why You Should Enjoy Time Alone as Newlyweds

A newlywed couple sitting on a dock at a lake enjoying time alone together.

Being a newlywed is such a special time for any couple. Regardless of what kind of wedding you have or how long your planning process was, after you say “I do,” you likely experience blissful feelings that only a newly married couple understands. Although in the wake of your wedding there will be a slew of people looking to chat and reminisce on the beautiful day with you, it’s important for you and your new spouse to spend quality “alone” time together. Here’s seven reasons why you should prioritize this special time together after you tie the knot.

1. It’s a Blissful Time

The first reason to enjoy time alone together as newlyweds is simple: it’s a time of pure bliss. After what was surely an amazing day filled with love, laughter, and what will become treasured memories, it feels great to spend time alone with the person that you did it all for. It’s a happiness that can’t quite be replicated, so bask in it all together before you have to get back to “real life.”

2. You Won’t Be Alone Much on Your Wedding Day

A bride and groom hugging wedding guests at their reception.

Another reason you should enjoy your time alone as a couple post-wedding is because on the actual wedding day, you’ll be surprised to see how little “alone” time you actually have. Even though the day is all about the two of you tying the knot, you’ll rarely be by yourselves. Whether it’s with the photographer, your wedding party, or other loved ones by your side, it’s hard to steal time alone on such a busy day. That makes this time together right after the wedding even more precious.

3. Any Wedding Stress Will Be Gone

Planning a wedding is very rarely a walk in the park. In fact, in most cases it can get to be a bit stressful, especially during the week of the event. For that reason, it’s so nice to spend time together after the stress of the wedding is officially over. Many couples report that during the wedding planning process, they end up bickering or even arguing. This is likely because emotions run high surrounding such a meaningful and large-scale event. Once the wedding is over, any tension that may have cropped up will be gone.

4. You Can Decompress Together

Newlyweds walking on a tropical beach together.

It’s fun to decompress together after an event that demands so much time and attention. Even though weddings are fun, they’re also exhausting! Between posing for pictures, chatting with loved ones, hitting the dance floor, and the general running around that weddings demand, you’ll be more than ready for some relaxation in the days following your vows.

5. You’ll Feel United and Can Plan Your Future

A wedding is all about committing to one another going forward. What better way to commemorate that sentiment than to spend time together? It will provide the opportunity for relaxing, catching up, and setting goals and intentions for the future together.

6. You Can Continue the Celebration

Even though the wedding bells are done ringing, you don’t have to stop celebrating such a special time in your life! In the days immediately following your nuptials, continue to toast the champagne, celebrate your love, and enjoy each other’s company. After all, you only get married once! Don’t let it pass by without celebrating properly and acknowledging what a big deal it really is.

7. You Can Reflect on the Day

Your wedding is a whirlwind of emotions, so it can be nice to sit back together and reflect on the day. Swap stories, look at the photos, and really take the time together to appreciate the love you gave and received that day as you set forward in your relationship together. There are likely moments you missed that your new spouse can share with you and vice versa, making it fun to relive every memory from one another’s point of view.

Even if you aren’t going to be taking your honeymoon directly after your wedding day, you can still make it a point to spend alone time together. One way to do this is to plan a mini-moon in the days after your wedding. Go on a trip that lasts only a few days to steal away for a few days, unwinding together after the big day. If that’s not in the cards for you, plan for a romantic meal alone together the day after your wedding or even extend your hotel stay a day or two to have a staycation together. Whatever works for you, make it a point to have that time alone together to really soak it all in. Remember how special your wedding day is as well as that newlywed feeling.

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