Creative Ways to Display Wedding Photos

A stack of wedding photos.

After your wedding, you’re likely looking forward to receiving photos from your photographer. After all, these serve as documentation of one of the best days of your life and are the perfect way to relive every moment. Especially since your wedding day likely passed in the blink of an eye, you’ll savor every photo and treasure them until the end of time. Once your photos are edited to perfection and ready for your review, you’ll want to think of ways to show those glamorous shots off within the walls of your home. But instead of just slapping these in a frame and hanging them on a wall, display your wedding photos in style by taking advantage of these creative ideas.

Craft a Wall Calendar

Each month of the year can be used to highlight a favorite wedding photo with the creation of your own wall calendar. This is an inexpensive project that’s fun to work on and may not be as much work as a series of coffee table books. This is also such a portable option that you can choose to hang it in your home or at work. This also makes for a great gift for your new spouse or even in-laws.

Make a DIY Table Runner

Looking to participate in a little bit of DIY with your wedding photos? Look no further than the brilliant idea to create a conversation piece that will adorn your dining room table. Using printed photos and a hot glue gun, layer photos in rows to create a table runner of photos. This is meant to look like photos are overflowing on top of each other for an artsy look. You can opt to print photos in color or black and white, depending on which will match the decor of the room better. Place an arrangement of flowers (or your own dried bridal bouquet!) in the middle of the table to really finish off the look.

Create a Coffee Table Book

A wedding photo album coffee table book.

Instead of hanging your photos, opt to create your very own coffee table book that allows you to show off your wedding snapshots. Creating your own photo book is not only affordable, but it’s also a fun process that allows you to use as few or as many of your favorite wedding photos as you wish. You can even opt to create several books to stylishly stack on top of each other in your family room, including a book of engagement photos, one of wedding photos, and one of pictures from your honeymoon.

Use a Digital Frame

Digital frames are the perfect way to show off as many wedding photos as you please without taking up a ton of room with frames or other physical items. This is fun to look at and serves as a simple decor piece that you and others will enjoy.

Design a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are an interior design trend that aren’t going anywhere! With that being said, why not create a gallery wall with your favorite wedding photos? This is the perfect place to mix and match color and black and white prints, vary photo sizes, and even throw in some other framed items such as a framed invitation or pressed flower from a wedding bouquet. You’ll love gazing at this artful gallery and remembering your wedding day.

Create a Collage

A garland of wedding photographs at a home.

Collages are another fun and innovative way to display your wedding photos. You can make your own on a cork board or you can get even more creative with it. Have small prints made of your favorite wedding snapshots. Use a frame with no glass inside of it and hang twine between the sides of the frame. Using mini clothespins, hang the photos in rows and use this gorgeous collage to adorn your wall somewhere where you’ll see it frequently and are able to enjoy such a beautiful display.

Make Mod Podge Coasters

Coasters are a necessity in every household, so why not get creative and create your own that show off your favorite wedding snapshots? These are simple to make: you’ll need some tiles, photos printed on regular paper, Mod Podge, and a paint brush. Cut photos to fit on the tiles, and then brush a thin layer of Mod Podge on each tile. Carefully place a photo over each tile and brush another layer of Mod Podge on top of the photo. Let them dry over night and you’ll have some gorgeous tiles that also serve as conversation pieces.

Customize Drinkware

Why not put your favorite wedding pictures on the mugs you drink out of every day? These will serve to be a nice touch in your kitchen and you’ll love enjoying your morning cup of joe from these picturesque mugs morning after morning.

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