Free Ways to Show Your Love for a Spouse on Valentine’s Day

A man gives a woman flowers

It can be easy to spend a lot of money on a Valentine’s Day celebration. Everything under the sun has a red heart on it to make you believe it would be the perfect gift for your sweetie. When you tally up the chocolate, flowers, dinner, movies, or whatever else becomes your Valentine’s Day gifts—it can really add up!

If this year there really isn’t much wiggle room in the budget, or if you just want to be a little more creative, try some of these great ideas.

Make a Home-Cooked Meal

Possibly the simplest and kindest of all the gestures is to cook for your partner. Everyone appreciates a delicious home-cooked meal. Especially if it’s something comforting to eat on a tough day or something fancy after weeks of the usual menu. Try to do the planning, preparing, and cleaning. Even if usually you both divide the chores, letting your spouse feel pampered and giving them time to relax is really nice, especially if that person usually does the bulk of the cooking and cleaning.

A married couple cut some vegetables in the kitchen

Do the Grossest Chore Without Being Asked

Most likely, your spouse dislikes doing at least one or two chores more than any of the others, and chances are you aren’t crazy about doing these chores either. Make a decision a few days ahead of time about what special effort you will take. A significant option might be cleaning out the attic, garage or basement. A less time-consuming option would be to make the bathroom clean and shiny once again. The nice part about doing this chore is that it makes your spouse feel like you understand them and know how to give them something truly thoughtful, rather than something you purchased for the holiday.

Find an Old Movie or Game Favorite

Many of us own games and movies, even if we don’t watch them or play them all the time. Dig into storage or below the top stack of games and find something you’ve enjoyed in the past but haven’t seen in a while. It doesn’t have to be a game or a movie, but those are great options for essentially “reusing” something as a gift to relive a happy memory of the past. Another option is to arrange a game swap. Discuss the games you already have, see which ones they have, and swap games for Valentine’s Day.

Newlyweds watching television

Do Yoga, a Workout or a Cycling Class Together

If you are paying for a gym membership anyway, look into any classes or an open workout space available to you. Find a time when you each can join the same class or work out together, and try to do something that allows some interaction. Cycling class usually results in some commiseration on the uphill parts, and a yoga workout can let you practice some partner yoga moves. If one of you knows more about lifting weights than the other, take turns leading the workout together.

Newlyweds relax during a morning meditation session

Pick Out a Book They Would Like to Read

When you are at the library next time, pick up two or three books that you think might be interesting to your spouse. Leave them by the bedside. Next, volunteer to help with cleanup or putting kids to bed so that your spouse will get a little time reading by himself or herself. This is a pretty simple pleasure, but if you married a reader, they will love this gift of free time and a good story to read.

Tidy the Messiest Part of the House

If your spouse is constantly losing his or her keys on the messy kitchen table—tackle that mess! Find a way to bring order to a part of your life that frustrates your spouse. By seeking out a space to organize that has grown chaotic, you are choosing to do something difficult as a way of showing your affection. You both benefit from knowing everything is in its proper place, as well.

While none of these ideas are exceptionally grand gestures, they all are free of charge to you and could mean the world to your spouse. Sometimes what we really want for Valentine’s Day is to have one or two of the little daily annoyances taken away and replaced by something sweet and simple. To see that smile on your beloved’s face is well worth a little elbow grease and some attention to detail!

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