He Doesn’t Want to Wear a Wedding Ring

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My husband’s ridiculously expensive wedding ring that is a symbol of our forever-love sits in a jewelry box. Some brides would be furious if their husbands didn’t want to wear a ring, but I don’t mind it at all. I actually forget he only wears it to special events. It’s always up to each couple to make these decisions, but there could be a few reasons your fiancé just doesn’t want to wear his wedding ring.

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It Might Not Make Sense to Wear at Work

Some occupations simply make it impossible to wear any sort of jewelry. My dad worked in the oilfield, a place where wearing any sort of ring meant your finger might fly off at any moment. If your fiancé is an accountant, he might not have the same fear. If your fiancé works with any type of machinery or is around any construction in his job, a ring could be a problem. Don’t get mad at him when he forgets to put it on when you go out to dinner because, odds are, he’s so accustomed to not wearing the ring to work that he just forgets to slip it on.

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It Gets in the Way During the Workout

Lots of men love to lift weights and play sports. A ring just doesn’t go with calloused hands and contact sports. During a basketball game, if your fiancé is wearing his ring and his finger gets smashed with the ball, that wedding ring will have to be taken off with a metal cutter.

You also risk getting the ring scratched up. The worst thing would be if he takes off the wedding ring and stashes it in his gym bag, only to get it lost in that scary landfill. If you really want your workout-fanatic hubby to wear a wedding ring, there are many substitutes that will bend and won’t scratch, made just for the gym.

They Hate Wearing Jewelry

As women, we often look to the ring finger to see if a cute guy has one on “that” ring. We just do it, admit it. I don’t ever think about my husband not wearing a ring until someone mentions it, or he goes out with his buddies. I always wonder just a little bit if other women are looking his way. I have enough confidence in him that I don’t worry at all about him leaving the bar with a girl, but I still don’t like the girls hitting on him just because there is no wedding ring. My husband doesn’t like the feel of the ring and fears it will fall off and get lost.

It’s foreign to some men, as they’ve never worn jewelry their entire lives, and then are supposed to put on this wedding ring forever. It can take a bit to get used to for some guys, so give them some slack. As for my husband, I gave up and I just ask him to wear it for special occasions. It works for us.

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