How to Celebrate a Valentine’s Day Anniversary

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Celebrating a Valentine’s Day anniversary can be filled with pressure to do something really over the top, which makes sense since you’re commemorating two holidays in one! However, it can be tough to think of an idea of how to celebrate that really goes above and beyond whether you’ve been married for one year or two decades. Here are a few fun ways to celebrate that span all price ranges and interests, allowing this special day to be one to remember year after year!

Plan a Getaway

Two holidays rolled into one presents the perfect opportunity to plan a celebratory couple’s trip! Hit the road and take a few days away together to enjoy each other’s company. You could go somewhere warm and relax in the sun, go to the mountains to breathe in the fresh air, or do something adventurous like visit a national park. Plan something that highlights both of your interests and allows you to spend great quality time together that will really reconnect you. You won’t regret spending this time together as it will leave you feeling more in love and refreshed.

Have a Rom-Com Marathon

If you and your spouse love movies, choose a few romantic comedies and create a full-on movie night spread. Pop some popcorn, gather your favorite candy, and maybe go all out by making nachos and slushies. Unwind with a glass of wine, light some candles, and snuggle under your favorite blanket. There’s something fun and romantic about celebrating from the comfort of your own couch!

Visit Your Wedding Venue

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Not all venues make it easy to do this, but if you got married at a restaurant, hotel, club, on a beach or at a park (or at any other venue that’s easy to visit), go there on your anniversary to relive that magical day and to celebrate Valentine’s Day all in one. This is a fun way to commemorate both holidays and to have a romantic night out.

Bake a Festive Cake Together

Another way to celebrate these events is to bake a delicious Valentine’s Day and anniversary cake together. You can even expand this and cook an entire meal together. Cooking together is not only a fun bonding activity, but will be delicious as well. If you’re not feeling quite so ambitious, maybe make some chocolate covered strawberries, which are both festive and simple to make.

Create Vision Boards

Anniversaries are a great time to reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re headed as a couple. Use this day and Valentine’s Day as a chance to create vision boards for the year to come. Go through old magazines to clip photos and words that best describe your hopes, dreams, and goals individually and as a couple for the year to come. You can create one vision board by each creating half of it, or do two separate boards. After you’re done, go over them together and share why you selected what you did so you’re both on the same page going forward.

Have a Photoshoot

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Especially if it’s been a few years since your wedding, you may want to schedule a photoshoot to celebrate your anniversary and Valentine’s Day. Wear something that’s festive, such as a pink and red color scheme, and get some great new photos as a couple (or a family!) to go with your wedding photos.

Attend a Special Valentine’s Day Event

The great thing about having a Valentine’s Day anniversary is that there are so many events going on that you can attend that also make for a wonderful anniversary celebration. Search the web or local papers to find events around town that interest you. Something like a Valentine’s themed cooking class, wine tasting, dinner show, or even just a nice restaurant with a great prix fixe menu could be the perfect opportunity to splurge and get out of the house.

Every holiday and celebration is special, and it’s made even more so when there are two to celebrate in one day. These are just some of the ideas that would make for a great anniversary and Valentine’s Day dual celebration.

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