Getting Married as an Older Bride and Groom

Hands of an older couple with wedding rings

Getting married at any age is wonderful, as romance is always in the air. First marriage or not, this is an occasion to celebrate your love. However, there may be differences in wedding planning from what younger couples experience or desire.

Wedding Style

Many older couples do not want the same things as they did when they were in their 20s or 30s. Often, there are less frills and more emphasis on the family and friends. Think less princess, more formality and elegance.

The wedding location might depend more on where the families are situated. They are often part of the wedding ceremony or assist with the arrangements.

Some older couples prefer small weddings with close friends and immediate family, and others may prefer larger weddings. Another consideration, if this the first wedding for either of the partners, is whether to have a more traditional wedding. If not, consider scaling back to concentrate more on the family and friends.

Older brides often find it more complimentary to wear off-white, a subdued beige, or softer colors. They commonly choose long gowns for evening and shorter dresses for daytime. Groom’s attire would usually depends on whether the wedding is during daytime or evening and the formality of the occasion. Also, many include their children or other family members as part of the ceremony. For example, if there is no father to give away the bride, then one of the adult children could fill in.

Many couples opt to have fewer bridesmaids or groomsmen, and if they do choose to have a small wedding party, attire should match-up with the bride and groom in the formality of the occasion. Both bride and bridesmaids would wear same-length long gowns or short dresses. Groom and groomsmen would wear suits or tuxedos.

Still confused on what to wear? It truly depends on your style, as you’ve earned the right to wear what you feel comfortable with and do not have to follow rules for the young.

Guest List

The wedding attendees are likely different with an older bride and groom, due to having more family, friends, or children. They might even invite their exes, if they get along or because of shared children. Their children or stepchildren can be involved with assigned tasks. This would certainly help unite new blended families. They could assist with putting the music together, cooking, keeping things organized, taking part in the wedding ceremony, etc.


Where to have the wedding depends on so many different things as we get older, such as whether you have retired or moved, whether you plan on relocating as a newly married couple, whether you have children together and are starting an entirely new dynamic of a newly-blended family. The location might just depend on where you will be by wedding time. Try to keep it simple and convenient, if possible.

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Honeymoon Alternatives

Depending on your budget, you can still plan a honeymoon that suits your lifestyle or try a fabulous new adventure together. There are many places in the USA or around the world that will knock your socks off!

Here are some examples:

  • Some budget offerings are off the beaten path, such as lesser-known islands where farmhouses are converted to private villas or beautiful lakeside cabins
  • Boutique hotels, either budget or luxury
  • Safari, Costa Rican rainforest, Mayan ruins, India, etc.
  • Classic Italian destinations, museums, musicals, or other exotic events, etc.

Talk with your soon-to-be-other-half about any limitations and exchange ideas on where you both can go to set your hearts afire! Perhaps you would like to share a place or experience with your new partner.

Romantic Expectations

Many older couples find a deeper kind of love, which comes from an appreciation of each other’s attributes and character. Maybe they’ve learned from experience and wisdom that a good marriage comes from deep inside. It’s understood that the depth of this love is beyond just the romance, and now it’s both partners jobs to keep the romance alive.

The reasons for marriage could be different than for younger couples. Perhaps you’re looking for more companionship and care for each other. Older, wiser men and women understand more about sacrifice, sharing, and priorities, and they know that when you get older, sometimes it takes more work from one partner or the other.

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Estate Management Considerations

Getting married as an older couple has advantages you might not have had when younger, as you could be more financially stable than when you were in your 20s or 30s. The mortgage could be paid using an established retirement account, Social Security, higher savings, or other funds. Also, both partners may have individual homes and families.

Financially, an older couple should consider protection of their assets and their children’s inheritance. They should consult their own estate lawyers. In addition, they may consider setting up a trust instead of a will that would help protect heirs from probates in some states.

Love can be stronger as we grow older because if we know and care about ourselves, we can appreciate how to truly give and receive love as well. Long life and long marriage to you!

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