Nail Your First Anniversary With These Ideas

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Celebrating your first year anniversary only comes once in any marriage, and is cause for celebration! With a lot of significance around a first anniversary, there can also be a lot of pressure, pressure to have a good time, to create beloved memories, and make your loved one happy.

First anniversaries shouldn’t be stressful though. So avoid the hassle, skip the pressure, and nail your first anniversary with these ideas.


Gift giving is a common anniversary tradition among married couples, but that doesn’t mean the gift has to be big or extravagant. In fact, a sentimental gift has much more meaning and is often much more appreciated.

A lot of people follow the tradition of giving a paper gift on the first anniversary. This tradition has been around since the Victorian era and offers more options than you might think. Paper gifts can come in all shapes and sizes, from handmade gifts, handwritten poems, or a card. They also offer you the opportunity to make something really sentimental and personal, like a scrapbook or framed photo.

Think of something special that has meaning to your spouse, and surprise them with it.

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Another great idea to celebrate your first anniversary is to create a playlist of all of the songs that remind you of one another, from your first date to your first dance, and everything in between. You can listen to this playlist throughout the day to spark fond memories of your love for one another.

First Date

Whether you’ve been together long before you got married, or just a short time, your first date marked a special moment in your lives. A really great way to celebrate your first anniversary is to recreate your first date.

If you went out to eat, book a reservation at that restaurant. If you went to the movies, settle in for a movie night. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it can be something as simple as ordering Chinese takeout. Whatever you did that first time you spent together, go back in time and enjoy yourselves.


A lot of couples enjoy watching their wedding video or looking through their wedding photos on their first wedding anniversary. And why not? Your wedding was probably a magical day, surrounded by loved ones, and something you might think about often. Relive your wedding one year later with your spouse by cuddling up and enjoying the photos and video from that day.

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Wedding anniversaries shouldn’t just be about looking back on old memories, it should also be about creating new ones. If you and your spouse consider yourselves adventurous, or have something you’ve always wanted to do, your first anniversary is the perfect opportunity to take the plunge!

It could be a nature hike followed by a picnic, a hot air balloon ride, or even a road trip! The possibilities are endless when it comes to adventure, and can be anything the two of you would enjoy together.


Some couples are more crafty than outdoorsy, and that’s totally okay. If you’d rather get your hands messy with paint over mud, see if there are any great couples craft classes in your city or even a DIY project you can do at home.

The nice thing about creating a craft together for your first anniversary is that you’ll be left with a physical item you can keep as a reminder of the day.


It’s most likely been about a year since your honeymoon, so chances are you might be in need for another vacation! Depending on your schedule and budget, you could book a trip somewhere tropical, but somewhere local is just as nice, as long as you’re together. Think of a good vacation spot the two you can enjoy together, then pack your bags and relax!

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Night Out

Take a night to get away from the regular hustle and bustle of your day-to-day lives and go out for the night! You can both get dressed up, book reservations at a nice restaurant, maybe even book a hotel, and relax. You should make the night as special as you can, whatever that means to you.

Night In

There’s no need to go out if you don’t want to. Chances are you’ve built a nice home for yourselves, and a quiet night in might sound like the perfect idea. Treat yourselves to some wine and a candlelit dinner, throw on some tunes (maybe your romantic playlist!) and simply enjoy your time together.


While some couples might prefer time alone as a couple, others might want to celebrate their first anniversary the same way they celebrated their union: with a great, big party! Invite your closest friends and family over for an evening of food, dancing, and fun. You can even add little details that reflect your wedding day by incorporating elements from your decorations, menu, and playlist.

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