Rekindle the Romance in Your Married Life

A married couple have fun together on a date to the park

Lulls in relationships can happen, especially in marriages. Life gets in the way. Work gets busy and suddenly you’re not focused on each other at all. Just trying to keep a balanced life between work and home can cause your romance to flicker out. If you want to get the romantic fires glowing again, there are a lot of ideas you can try. You and your partner just have to be willing to experiment and try some new things. “New” is the key word here. Bringing some fresh air back into your relationship will fuel a romantic fire in no time.

Spend More Time with Each Other

It’s normal that life gets busy and sometimes you’re not able to commit to one-on-one time. When you start to feel the romance fizzle, it’s time to make a little space in your schedule. Seems obvious, but committing to spending more time together is important.

A newlywed couple enjoys a date at a local restaurant

Say Nice Things to Each Other

Say nice things to each other and about each other. Start complimenting your partner more frequently. Remember all the things that attracted you to one another and write them down. Revisit the polite and flirty banter you once had to perk things up. This is a great exercise, especially if you or your partner hasn’t been feeling supported. It’s hard to be romantic when you don’t feel like your partner is on your side.

Fun Trust Exercises

These can be really simple exercises such as doing a trust fall. Do something silly together that involves a test of trust. Have your spouse do something you would normally do, and challenge yourself not to give them directions. You can make it sexual if you want. Take your trust exercise to the bedroom with fun items like ice cubes or hot wax.

Don’t Talk about Work

Some couples fall into a rut where they come home. They talk about work, do the dishes, and then go to bed. Not very sexy. It’s a normal routine, but it’s not very conducive to romance. Try not to discuss work, politics, or news. Force yourselves to talk about other topics to get you out of the same old routine conversations.

Question Challenges

If you absolutely can’t think of things to talk about anymore, try a question challenge. These are lists of interesting questions to ask your partner that help you get to know a person better. You never know, you may find out things you never knew about them before, which can be exciting, You could also play other fun word games like Never Have I Ever or Heads Up.

Create Something Together

You’d be surprised how intimate it feels to create something with your partner. Try making something together whether that’s a new recipe or even a handicraft. Pick out a DIY project for your home to create something with lasting memories.

A newlywed couple build a DIY project together

Dress Up and Go Out

You can improve your romance by selecting nice outfits for each other and going out for a night on the town. Get all dressed up in what your partner wants to see you in and go to that nice restaurant. Treat yourselves to a fun night together.

Turn Off Your Phones

Turn your phones off for an entire evening together. Nowadays, the smartphone can really get in the way of a true connection with your partner. This goes for anything else that is distracting like video games, sports, or Netflix. Turn off the distractions and turn on the romance.

Start a New Hobby Together

It’s important to have your own life, and it’s nice to have your own interests, but what hobbies do you share together? Do you bond over shared interests and activities? If not, try some new hobbies together. Shared interests will make you feel closer and more intimate with your partner, giving you both something to look forward to.

Do Something You Used to Do

Remember when you first started dating and you felt that romantic spark? Try bringing back the feeling by revisiting the things you used to do together at that time in your relationship. When you were first dating, was there a restaurant where you dined frequently? Were you both fond of going out for karaoke with your friends? Do those fun activities together again to get back into the mindset of when you were falling in love.

Get Out of Town

Try getting away together for the weekend. Now with Airbnb and other home share websites, you don’t have an excuse not to get out of town. Make time for each other in a place that isn’t your home. Getting away from your routine gives you the chance to have new experiences together.

It’s not always easy to keep the romance alive, whether you’re a newlywed or you’ve been together for years. If you are willing to try some of these ideas, you can bring interest and romance back into your relationship. Just because the romance is gone for now, doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. Try a few of these simple ideas and your flame can be rekindled. You just have to find the right match to get the fire started!

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