Things Your New Husband Might Not Know About You

A newlywed couple kiss in the garden

You think you know every single thing about your significant other. Then, you get married and learn every little quirk about each other that you both love (and those that drive you both crazy at the same time). Your new husband just thinks he knows everything about you, but there may be a few fun little secrets he still has to learn.

Here are just a few things your husband may not know about you.

You’ve Had a Baby Name List from Age 12

You probably didn’t want to scare your new love interest away by breaking out the baby name list on your second date, so it got stashed away in a drawer, but you know it’s there ready to make an appearance. It’s going to come as a surprise one day when you both start talking about kids and you whip out the baby name list you’ve had since you were 12 years old.

Some women love to name their kids and dream of their future family lives. This comes with making a baby name list. You probably didn’t think about the fact that he may hate some of those names, which might put a dent in some of your baby-name dreams. The secret shouldn’t be that you want kids because you should talk about that before marriage, but keeping a secret list of names is something almost every girl does, even if they would never admit it.

Baby lying on a blanket of baby names

Your Quirky Bathroom Habits

You have some crazy bathroom quirks and that’s okay. He never knew about you place the toilet paper on a roll or use your last bits of toothpaste. He may put the toilet paper on the roll a certain way and absolutely hate the way you do it. How could you ever learn the wrong way to place the toilet paper on the holder? You may squeeze your toothpaste and that drives him bananas because he always rolls the end of it. You only wash your hair twice a week. It’s not exactly a secret because by day three your hair is usually in a bun, but he might think you wash your hair every day, like they do in commercials. If you have dry hair, you understand washing your hair every day is just a disaster full of frizz. If he knew these things before he proposed, he might’ve wanted to have a serious talk about your issues.

You Have a Makeup Cemetery

Your husband may not know you have a makeup cemetery in your bathroom drawer. This is where the old and dying makeup goes when they have just a little life left. Hey, you may need that exact color one day. You may need a back up mascara when you can’t find your favorite one, so you stash it in the crazy junk drawer. He probably won’t understand the makeup drawer either because he doesn’t get that your bright blue back-up eyeshadow isn’t the one that you need in your main pile of makeup on a daily occasion. You can next direct him to the shampoo cemetery where the shampoo bottles with one or two pumps go to live in the shower corner.

Makeup case with lots of lipstick and cosmetics

You Like to Keep Things Forever

You still have your artwork, school photos and maybe a uniform from high school. Doesn’t everyone keep these things? It may be hard for your partner to understand why you might be saving some things with sentimental value. Maybe he isn’t the type of person that saves these things at all. It’s easy enough to explain why you are attached to certain things, but at a certain point, there may be too much memorabilia to be practical in your new home together. Maybe it’s time to reduce your historical archives or have a garage sale.

Getting to know the habits and quirks of your new partner can be one of the most fulfilling and fun parts of intimacy in your relationship. You get to know each other in ways you never thought about before. Isn’t that part of what married life is all about?

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