Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your House Quickly Before the In-laws Come

A couple has fun as they clean the kitchen

In some marriages, visits from the in-laws can be stressful, to say the least. Special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, and graduations are all occasions when the in-laws tend to visit. However, sometimes they like to pay random visits that can be quite problematic when the house is a total mess.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to get your home cleaned before they arrive.

Have a Quick Cleanup Plan for Your Home

Cleaning the whole house in a short time may seem impossible. Have a simple cleanup routine that can save you a lot of time before they arrive. You can even create a quick checklist to make sure you don’t miss any important areas. For example, quickly dusting the dining room table, television, and cabinets can make your home look clean and shiny. Changing the tablecloth and adding new placemats can give the dining room table a new, clean look.

Sweeping the house and mopping only the areas that the in-laws will be frequenting helps to keep your cleanup plan effective. Wiping down windows and anything else with glass is a must. Knowing that your in-laws will be in the living room looking at pictures, dusting and polishing the picture frames is always a great idea.

Couple sits on the floor after cleaning

Try These Cleaning Tricks for Each Room

After you’ve put together and completed your quick cleanup plan, take a look around at what is left to be done. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you make your home look less cluttered in a short amount of time for your surprise houseguests.

Use a big trash bag to pick up all the toys and clothing your children (or spouse) may have left out. Put them all into one bag, leaving it hidden in a closet. When the hectic visit from your in-laws is over, you can go back into the closet and peacefully place all the things in the black trash bag back in their place.

Another good trick is washing down the kitchen utensils, such as pots and pans, and storing them into the dishwasher to dry. If no dishwasher is available, then wiping down the plates after thoroughly washing them is a good idea.

A quick way to clean the bathroom is to wipe down the mirror, windows, and shower door with Windex. This will get your bathroom to shine and look as good as new. Pick up the rug and give it a quick vacuum to also give your bathroom a tidy look. Adding decorative objects such as frames to the wall or candles to your bathroom counter will also enhance the cleanliness. Changing the shower curtains and the placement of flowers around the bathroom is also a great tip to freshen up your bathroom.

Woman cleans a bathroom faucet

The living room is likely an area where your in-laws will be staying, so use a car vacuum on the sofas and couches to save you a lot of time cleaning by hand. When a couch hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, lots of dirt and trash accumulate. Taking out the cushions and dusting them off, instead of fully vacuuming them, can save you a lot of time especially when you are in a rush. A small car vacuum can help get rid of the trash left behind after dusting off the cushions and pillows. Adjusting necessary pillows on your couches can help give your living room a more homey look. Also, consider adding a small blanket to one of the sofas helps make the living room look more comfortable and inviting, so your in-laws will want to stay there during their visit.

Woman vacuums the sofa pillows

Double Check, Time Permitting

After completing the fast cleanup plan, walk around the house to double check to see if there is any trash left on the floor or counters. Make sure every bed in the house is made. Your in-laws may roam around the house and peek into different rooms to see what you’ve done with the space lately. Adding new air fresheners to every room is a bonus. You want to be able to make a positive impression and show your in-laws just how tidy and clean your house is kept, even if the cleanup was done in just a matter of minutes.

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