Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

traditional wedding anniversary gifts

One day each year is reserved to celebrate one of the biggest days of your life. Your wedding anniversary is filled with memories, emotions and excitement. One thing you might not be excited about is the stress of buying a gift. The good news is there’s a traditional list that’s been around for ages that designates a type of gift for each year. Have some fun with the list and think of your own version of each type for a twist!

Year One — Paper

Paper is one of the easiest gifts to give. Of course, a card is sweet and right to the point. Find tickets to your spouse’s favorite concert or game. A coupon book for a massage or date night is a cute, thoughtful paper idea.

Year Two — Cotton

Cotton is an easy gift because there are so many things made with a cotton blend. Many clothes are made with cotton, so a new shirt is always a great option. A cotton hammock is a really neat idea for this year’s gift as you can both relax and enjoy a nap to celebrate two years. A personalized blanket with your wedding picture or embroidered date is a sweet gift idea for this year.

Year Three — Leather

Leather can range in size and variations, so it provides an easy gift. A leather bound book is perfect for the reader in your life. Leather furniture is a great addition to any room. For the fashion lover, how about leather boots? A leather briefcase is a practical, classy gift. A leather scented candle is an inexpensive three year anniversary gift.

Year Four — Silk

Melt into dreamland with the gift of silky soft sheets in year four. The perfect gift for the lover of clothes in your life is a silk shirt. Silk flowers provide a sweet, beautiful gift that can sit in your home for years to come.

Year Five — Wood

Wood is one of the easiest gifts because you can personalize it and spend as much or as little as you feel. An engraved wooden box is a sweet keepsake. Wooden furniture is the perfect addition to any room in the home. If you feel like being sweet without a price tag, carve your names in a tree in celebration.

Year Six — Candy

Celebrate year six on a candy high! Giving the gift of candy can be fun and meaningful. Give your significant other their favorite candy in a personalized box. Put candy throughout the house with love letters attached as your spouse gets ready for the day.

Year Seven — Wool

Wrap up in the comfort of wool for this anniversary gift. A soft wool blanket is the perfect gift of warmth. Wool sweaters and scarves are great ideas for this lucky year as well. If you just want to be cute, go with a stuffed sheep to show your love!

Year Eight — Bronze

Bronze is an exquisite look for this gift. A bronze statue or figuring is a meaningful gift. A practical gift for special occasions is a Moscow mule bronze cup.

Year Nine — Pottery

Pottery is a perfect addition to any home. A beautiful ceramic vase is a lovely gift that adds to the home. A personalized vase with your name or wedding date creates a keepsake to always remember your special day

Year Ten — Tin

A tin filled with your significant other’s favorite candy is a fun, easy gift for this anniversary. A personalized tin can not only be filled with your love’s favorite things, but can also be kept to fill with other things as the years go by. Fill a tin with small gifts that remind you of your spouse or your wedding day for a thoughtful touch.

Year 11 — Steel

The gift of steel is pretty neat because you can pick your price. If you want to spend a little more this year, go for a stainless steel appliance. If you want to go for a meaningful gift with a lower price tag, go for roses in a steel vase. A practical gift for year 11 for the person that loves to work with their hands is a steel tool.

Year 12 — Silk

Go glam with the gift of silk by giving a luxurious silk robe. If you aren’t into the thought of silk clothing, go with silk sheets for a blissful night of sleep. Silk flowers provide a great presentation for a gift, offer a sweet sentiment and add beauty to your home.

Year 13 — Lace

Lace can be found in many different types of gifts. The easiest way to give a hint of lace is the gift of clothing. Lace is also a great gift for the home. Lace can be found in curtains, tablecloths and household decorations.

Year 14 — Ivory

Ivory is usually given in the form of jewelry. Imitation ivory is made from material that does not hurt elephants. Another great form of ivory is an elephant themed gift.

Year 15 — Crystal

Glistening crystal comes in many different forms for gifts in year 15. A crystal figurine or decoration for the home is a glamorous gift. Crystal jewelry sparkles in the light. This provides a perfect opportunity to invest in a piece of crystal art glass for the home. Crystal vases and glasses are also perfect gifts for the home.

Year 20 — China

China is a gift that can be passed on for generations. If you already have a china set, a new piece is the perfect gift for this anniversary. A personalized china plate with the anniversary date is a meaningful keepsake to showcase your momentous occasion.

Year 25 — Silver

The Silver Anniversary is a very special one! Silver can be given in just about any way. From silver jewelry to silver figurines, you cannot go wrong. A personalized silver keepsake plate is a great traditional gift. A silver serving tray for parties with your wedding date is the perfect centerpiece for a 25th anniversary party.

Year 30 — Pearl

Pearls are elegant and are great for any occasion. Pearl earrings or a pearl ring is a lovely gift for this anniversary. A Mother of Pearl bowl is a wonderful alternative to the usual pearl jewelry.

Year 35 — Coral

Coral gifts are special just like year 35. Coral earrings or necklaces are great fashion accessory gifts. Nautical gifts usually go hand-in-hand with coral. Staying in the nautical theme, you could gift a trip to a beach filled with coral for a twist.

Year 40 — Ruby

Spice life up with a ruby red gift for year 40! Ruby jewelry is stunning and graceful. Staying with the theme of ruby red, roses always provide a perfect touch. In fact, any gift made with deep reds is the perfect pick for 40.

Year 45 — Sapphire

45 years deserves a stunning piece of sapphire jewelry. This gift is usually deep blue. Sapphires can be found in many different sizes and styles.

Year 50 — Golden

50 years of golden love deserves a sparkling gift. The golden anniversary gift is traditionally all about gold jewelry. You can update your rings for a sweet gift. Gold figurines or keepsakes are great gifts for this year as well.

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