Unique Vow Renewal Ideas

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If you’ve been married for awhile (let’s be honest, even a short while!) you may have considered the idea of renewing your vows. It’s a fun, exciting way to celebrate your beautiful, lasting union! If you’re thinking about a vow renewal, there are lots and lots of ideas you can use to keep it from feeling stale.

Involve Your Children, Pets, or Other Important Family Members

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A vow renewal is a great time to involve your kids, animals, or close family members in a way you may not have been able to the first time. Walk down the aisle as a family (pets included!), have your kiddos as the best man or maid of honor, or have any or all important family members included as a part of the planning process, reception, and even the ceremony itself. If your children are the types who’d be comfortable with it, why not have them write some of their own speeches? It could be a really special moment for your family if your children or stepchildren have a moment to express themselves as a part of your celebration. Or if you have an older child, you could even have him or her officiate the ceremony since vow renewals don’t involve any legal processes.

Keep It to Yourselves

You could also go the exact opposite route and do a very intimate and small vow renewal. Celebrate with only immediate family, or even just you and your spouse if you’d prefer. This is a great contrast to those who felt like their wedding day was planned for the family and everyone else and not at all about what they themselves wanted. You can even choose an exotic destination to celebrate and combine it with a family vacation or a second honeymoon! Keeping it small gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom in choosing all of the aspects of the day—location, timeline, guest list, details, and everything in between!

Choose a Unique Venue

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If you love zoos or parks or carnivals, why not renew your vows at one? The societal constraints are much less present at a vow renewal than a wedding (and budgets don’t sky rocket the same way either), and there are no legal needs to consider besides any rules and laws of the location itself. This means you can really get creative with the location you’d like to choose—a foreign country, an unexpected site your family loves, or even your own home are all options on the table for a vow renewal celebration.

Incorporate Aspects from Your Wedding Day

Renewing your vows is the perfect time to revisit some of your favorite aspects of your wedding day. If you still have it, you could bust out your original guest book (in whatever form it may be!) and have guests either add to it or complete a similar one for this second celebration. You could wear any special accessory pieces you may still have from your day, or even your full outfits if you’d like to. Use photos from your wedding as part of your decor or take some special photos with similar poses to frame side-by-side in your home! It could be really special to have a repeat of your first dance—original wedding song and all—or you could choose an updated song for your whole family to dance to and celebrate! Or both! Including memories of the first time you said your vows can really add some charm for those involved, but don’t be afraid to put a new spin on things!

Do What You Want

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Speaking of putting a new spin on things, now’s the time to do exactly what you feel is right for you and your partner! Many couples find themselves making choices about their wedding based on what others want, not what they want—this is NOT the time to go back to that way of thinking! Do you have a really creative idea that you never would’ve done the first time for fear of people’s opinions? Go for it! Have a themed ceremony! Play only music you enjoy! Although couples should definitely do what they want for their wedding day, the reality is that it often doesn’t happen. But you’re much wiser now and you can take full charge of exactly what you want for your day! Did you want to have a certain favor the first time around, but it was vetoed by a family member? Have TONS of them this time! A vow renewal is the perfect time to get creative and just go for anything you felt like you couldn’t or shouldn’t do on your wedding day!

Renewing your vows is an amazing, fun way to celebrate the ups and downs of your incredible marriage! And what better way to do that than to celebrate in whatever way you and your spouse see fit? Enjoy this time of celebration of a wonderful, beautiful marriage and here’s to many, many more years of joy!

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