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Favorite Boards: The Lounge, Home, Names, Waiting, Travel

About Me: I love being a part of the Weddingbee community! I’m finished planning my own wedding, but I’m happy to help others. When I’m not on here I’m cooking, reading, or traveling!



Location: Leicester, UK

Age and Occupation: 34, Resource Coordinator

Husband’s Age and Occupation: 44, Electrical Engineer

Engagement Date: December 29th 2009

Wedding Date: June 19th 2011

Venue: Curradine Barns, Worcester

Favorite Boards: TTC, The Lounge, Recaps, Dress

About Me: I stumbled upon Weddingbee in 2010 when researching stalking a particular wedding dress and was intrigued, so signed up. Very glad I did, it’s given me an arena to bounce off ideas and offered me support. Most of all I get to support and input into others’ ideas/issues.

Like most, life’s busy, I love relaxing with the mister and our two dogs. We’re currently TTC—if it doesn’t happen for us, then more holidays it will be, as well as another dog.



Location: Northern New Jersey

Age and Occupation: 26, Graphic Designer and Freelance Photographer

Husband’s Age and Occupation: 35, Costume & Product Designer

Engagement Date: November 5, 2011

Wedding Date: October 20, 2012

Venue: Mulder Chapel, Warwick, NY

Favorite Boards: DIY, Married Life, TTC, Babies, Rings

About Me: My husband and I are currently renovating our 1940s Cape Cod home one room at a time. You can find me on Pinterest searching for kitchen and bathroom ideas and storage solutions. I’ve got a fondness for antiques, flea markets, and fluffy critters. I love doilies, floral patterns, and collecting Pyrex, but I’m quite the tomboy. People tell me I am a grandmother at heart—I don’t disagree!



Location: Cincinnati

Age and Occupation: 27, Marketing Manager

Husband’s Age and Occupation: 27, Teacher

Engagement Date: March 2009

Wedding Date: July 2011

Favorite Boards: Parties, Gifts & Registries, Ceremony, Honeymoons, Married Life, Home, Holidays

About Me: Sometimes, I still feel like a newlywed, even though my husband and I have been married almost four years now. We recently bought our first house, which has been so exciting, but we definitely have a lot to learn! Plus, there are still so many blank spaces to decorate! When I’m not on Weddingbee, I’m trying to become a runner (I’m still pretty slow), reading a good book, drinking coffee, or curled up on the couch, watching a movie with my husband (our favorite kind of date night). Or, I’m looking at dogs on Petfinder. I want them all.



Location: GTA (Durham region) Ontario (more specifically Whitby, Ontario)

Age and Occupation: 25, Student (right now)

Husband’s Age and Occupation: 32, Project Manager/Coordinator

Engagement Date: September 28th, 2012

Wedding Date: June 28th, 2013

Venue: Stone Mill Inn, St.Catharines, Ontario

Favorite Boards: Recaps

About Me: I am a student at Ryerson University located in downtown Toronto. I like to work and play in the city, but love living in the burbs. I study hospitality & tourism management, and will be getting my Business Commerce (Bcomm) degree next year if all goes well.I love travelling, and I currently have six long-term (one or more months) visits, five short-term (five day to just under one month) visits, and two mini (one to a few days) visits to different countries across the globe under my belt. I hope I am not done yet.I have a great sense of humour, and I think I have grown up to be very witty and quick on my feet (modest brag).Our wedding was in June 2013, and my favourite part (beside getting married) was my dress. I designed it alongside a designer, and it’s completely unique…so if I see another dress like it, it was copied (LOL). My hubby wanted me to get some type of copyright on it…I have no idea how to do that.

My outrageous goal on my bucket list is to learn how to do archery off of horseback…I have my work cut out for me.

I took acting lessons last semester (Sep-Dec ’13), and I am interested in the craft, but I have work to do in that area as well. I am working on my social network in the industry and hope it leads somewhere possibly.



Location: South East Asia

Age and Occupation: 22, Production Technician (events)

Boyfriend’s Age and Occupation: 34, Technical Director (events)

Favorite Boards: Waiting, Travel, Etiquette, UK, Dresses, Rings, Recaps

About Me: I’m a British expat in Asia. Both SO and I are big foodies and love trying new things. SO is the cook in our house, but I love to bake. I’m interested in history, politics and economics though have no formal training beyond about 13. We both love to travel and explore. I have two brothers who I am very close to, they’re fraternal twins!



Location: Twin Falls, ID

Age and Occupation: 34, Lawyer

DH’s Age and Occupation: 39, Systems Manager

Engagement Date: February 5, 2014

Wedding Date: August 29, 2015

Favorite Boards: Dresses, Cooking, Home, TTC

About Me: I am an Okie who moved to Twin Falls, Idaho, in November 2016 for DH’s job. I love to cook & bake, I’m new at sewing, love to do yoga, and I’m an avid podcast listener. I try to finish reading a book every week. DH and I love to travel, grocery shop together, and take our puppies on adventures.



Location: SF Bay Area

Age and Occupation: 29, Finance

Husband’s Age and Occupation: 35, Engineer R&D Engineer

Favorite Boards: Travel/Honeymoon/Cooking/Home/Local/Tech/Paper

About Me: Love to travel in order to eat and see new things!



Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Age and Occupation: 30, Art and Custom Framing Specialist

FH’s Age and Occupation: 32, Software Developer

Engagement Date: February 8, 2008

Wedding date: June 11, 2016

Favorite Boards: Wisconsin, Dresses, Cooking, Home, Travel, Recaps, Post-a-Thons, Emotional, Paper, Proposals (okay, really anything that doesn’t deal with children)

About Me: I love cooking, traveling, baking, sewing, paper crafting, socializing, beer, wine, cheese, anything PURPLE, tennis, dancing, Harry Potter, and mashed potatoes. We are CFBC.


Mrs. Doily

Location: Eastern Iowa

Age and Occupation: 26, Paraprofessional in an Autism Classroom

Husband’s Age and Occupation: 29, Media Specialist

Engagement Date: August 27th, 2010

Wedding Date: March 24th, 2012

Favorite Boards: TTC, Proposal, Recaps, Iowa, DIY

About Me: I’m a Iowa girl who loves Harry Potter, baking, and organization. I have a deep love of lists and lists for lists and like everything in its place. When I’m not working in a classroom, I’m either at home doing yet another DIY project, out taking long walks in the park, or helping my friends plan weddings and parties. I love meeting new people and learning about them!



Location: Huntsville, AL

Age and Occupation: 27, Project Manager

Husband’s Age and Occupation: 28, Engineer

Engagement Date: June 10, 2006

Wedding Date: June 6, 2009

Venue: Briarhurst Manor, Manitou Springs, CO

Favorite Boards: Home, Money, Wellness, Travel and Married Life

About Me: I’m a Jersey girl who moved out West for college to be with my husband. We are now facing our next big adventure in the South, and we are trying to figure out where we go next! We love traveling and hanging out with our two fur babies when we are home.



Location: Greater Toronto Area, Ontario Canada

Age and Occupation: 32, Landscape Architect

Husband’s Age and Occupation: 33, Revenue Manager

Engagement Date: March 24, 2013

Wedding Date: May 2014

Venue: McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg, Ontario

Favorite Boards: The Lounge, Recaps, Nesting

About Me: I’m a little high strung…OK, a lot high strung—no one will ever call me a relaxed person. During my wedding planning these boards saved me and kept me from going insane. Now I still love to hang out on the boards and try my best to help those planning their own weddings.

DH and I met in 2003 and started dating in 2004; we’re both from the East Coast. He moved to the big city with me when I got accepted to school in 2008. I’m an East Coast girl at heart. I miss the ocean, as does my FH, and we hope to move back eventually.

DH and I are currently trying to buy a house and once we have a house it’s baby time 🙂



Location: Portland, Oregon

Age and Occupation: 22, waitress

Husband’s Age and Occupation: 26, Water meter repairs for the city of Portland

Engagement Date: December 14, 2010

Wedding Date: May 3, 2013

Venue: Beach in Lincoln City, Oregon

Favorite Boards: Travel, Elopement, Home, Paper, DIY, Recaps

About Me: I live in a little house in a riverfront town outside of Portland with my husband and our two cats, bunny, and puppy. Fitting all of these bodies in a 750 square foot house sure does get interesting, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! We love to do lots of outdoor things such as hiking, dirt-biking, camping, and shooting. I’m a motocross and BMX racer, have been since I was three, so I’m always looking for some adventure. I’m also a graphic artist by trade and spend way too much time on Adobe Illustrator playing with new ideas. I’m a city girl turned country, and I adore everything about living in a small town. I live in a place where I wake up to a view of the Columbia River, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. Adams every morning with the person and fur kids that I love the most. I wouldn’t have it any other way; my life truly is perfect.



Location: Redwood City, CA

Age and Occupation: 32, Piano Teacher

Husband’s Age and Occupation: 32, Games Developer

Engagement Date: May 2010

Wedding Date: September 4, 2011

Venue: Ruby Hill Golf Club in Pleasanton, CA

Favorite Boards: Recaps, Dress, Married Life, Home

About Me: The mister and I have now been married for almost four years, and spent the first three years of our married life enjoying one another and our three cats. (Obviously, the cats run the household.) We gave birth to our first baby, Miss Pengoala, Jr., in December, and we couldn’t love anyone more (shh, don’t tell the cats). Between our work lives, the cats, and the baby, we’re pretty swamped, but we still try to get out when we can!



Location: West Texas

Age and Occupation: 26, Accounting

Husband’s Age and Occupation: 33, Sales/Finance

Engagement Date: February 19, 2015

Wedding Date: October 2, 2015

Favorite Boards: Rings, The Lounge, Home, Married Life

About Me: If type-B had a poster child, I would be it! I’m very easy-going and laid-back, sometimes to a fault. Oops. I enjoy cooking, crafting, and traveling at any opportune time.

DH and I met and started dating in 2010. We thrive on humor and seeing who can make the other laugh the most. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we work hard in order for us to play hard. We enjoy hanging out with our dog pack (Ryder, Ruby, & Tyson), eating, watching alien documentaries on Netflix, hosting outdoor shindigs, and sitting by our fire pit. Our biggest goal is to move to the Western Slope in Colorado. Until then we will visit as much as possible!



Location: Southern Ontario

Age and Occupation: 23, Sensory & Process Specialist

Husband’s Age and Occupation: 27, Firefighter

Engagement Date: July 2014

Wedding Date: October 2015

Venue: Ruby Hill Golf Club in Pleasanton, CA

Favorite Boards: Honeymoons, Rings, Dresses, Decor

About Me: I am overly excited for my wedding! I am a new homeowner going through a MASSIVE amount of renovations. We have a gorgeous Mastiff who is the king of the house. 😉 We both prefer staying home, cuddling up, and watching a movie together, so we can generally be found doing just that after a long day at work. 🙂 I’m an avid baker and would love to have a bakery. I decorate and create custom cakes in my spare time.



Location: Omaha, NE

Age and Occupation: 41, SAHW and Political Operative

Husband’s Age and Occupation: 42, Boilermaker

Engagement Date: Nov 2008

Wedding Date: June 26, 2010 & 2011

Venue: Bayliss Park Hall Council Bluffs, IA

Favorite Boards: Dress, Dance, and 40 something

About Me: We are both born and bred Cornhuskers. I am an avid outdoor person. I fish, hunt, camp, ride, and just about anything that is not inside. Extreme coffee addict, and you will rarely see me without a cup of coffee in my hand. I love to sew, re-purpose furniture, and bake. I am on the constant hunt for the perfect shoes and the perfect purse, and can purchase/order both in six languages. I love trashy reality TV, science fiction, and historical dramas.



Location: Maryland

Occupation: Controller

Future Husband’s Occupation: Network Engineer

Wedding Date: September 2015

Venue: Oxon Hill Manor

Favorite Boards: Dress, Decor, September 2015, Pets

About Me: I am a mother of a wonderful 24 year old son.  I am getting married for the first time this September to an incredible man. I am super excited as it’s taking a long time to get to this point. Wedding planning has its frustrating moments, but I love it nonetheless and I am looking forward to my BIG day, but more importantly I am most excited and happy to be a wife to the man I love.

I am pretty much a homebody. The best thing for me to do on a weekend lately is to just sit on my couch and do nothing. I love animals, especially dogs. I’ve had five of them in my lifetime. My current furbaby is a Rottie and HE IS THE BEST! It hurts me that his breed is judged so badly, but owners like me know the truth.

I could go on and on, but to sum it up I love life despite its drama, sadness, and plain ugly moments. At the end of the day it’s all about the love and joy that you make of it no matter what.



Location: Wine Country, CA

Age and Occupation: 31, Account Executive

Husband’s Age and Occupation: 32, Sales

Engagement Date: January 2, 2011

Wedding Date: May 18, 2012

Venue: Grand Island Mansion, Walnut Grove, CA

Favorite Boards: Recaps, Rings, and anything babies

About Me: I have the most beautiful baby boy born in August 2014 named Maverick who is my world. I always knew I would love being a mommy but had no idea just how much. He has completely changed me and for the better. We also have two furbabies, Pomeranians, that keep us on our toes. My husband and I have been together for nearly 10 years, and he still makes me laugh until I cry. Our home is definitely not for the quiet or meek…we have a lot of noise and a lot of chaos.

As for hobbies, those are on the back burner for a while. I played volleyball competitively and coached too. I love hiking and the great outdoors (with a few creature comforts, of course), and Yosemite is my favorite place on earth.

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