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I'm North Carolina born and raised and hail from the Piedmont region of the state. When the weather is right, I enjoy being outdoors whether it be hiking, kayaking or gardening or just somewhere on the water. We have kayaks and will travel. It’s nothing to put down over 100 miles on the river over the course of a summer! When it comes to gardening, I can honestly say that I have a green thumb. I have grown fairly successful vegetable gardens in the past but have focused more of my attention on pollinator gardens to support, well pollinators- primarily honey bees. I keep honey bees and I enjoy being around them. Their mere presence is very calming and there is not a feeling in the world that feels like what it feels to be sitting next to a hive, listening to the buzz and having them fly around you. I have taken up archery and have a recurve take-down bow with a 60lb draw weight. I am a fairly somewhat active member within the SCA so archery is more of a hobby than a sport. I enjoy road trips and travel in general as well as photography, whether it be in front of the lens or behind the lens taking photos. Indoors, I enjoy cooking and baking, computer games, reading and crafts (although I don't have the time to do a lot of crafts).

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2 cats, 1 dog and a couple thousand bees

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During full totality of the Solar Eclipse
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